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Biotechnology in Plant Pathology
Code: G610B-
Teacher:  Piero Attilio Bianco
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  Knowledge of the diagnostic methodologies and their
applications in plant health assessment. Understanding
events and mechanisms influencing the relationship
between plant and pathogens. Learning the criteria and
ways of creating pathogen-resistant plants.
Acquired skills:  Set up of a procedure of health assessment (quarantine
and quality) through modern diagnostic procedures.
Learning to assess the most suitable control technologies
to fight phyto-pathologies (early diagnostics, pre-
immunisation and use of resistant plants).
Course contents:  Mechanisms of the plant pathogen (fungi, bacteria,
phytoplasmas, virus and viroids) interaction and
strategies of the plant defense.
Genome organization of viruses and viroids and Pathogen
Derived Resistance(PDR): gene silencing and resistance
to plant viruses.
Applied biotechnology for plant resistant production.
Molecular markers for the investigation on pathogen
diffusion (epidemiology).
Program:  Introduction.
Plant pathology and first applications of applied
The pathogens of plants and their mechanisms of
The diagnosis of the pathogens and the principal
technologies for the molecular detection applied in plant
pathology for etiological ad epidemiological studies.
How the plant recognize the pathogen and studies of the
mechanisms of their interaction.
Genome organization of the plant viruses and viroids
and application of the pathogen derived resistance
(PDR) for resistant plant production. Use of coat protein,
movement protein and replicase genes and gene
silencing ((VIGS, virus induced gene silencing).
Case-studies: Plant disease control by use of early
pathogen detection and resistant plants
Prerequisites:  Biochemistry and plant physiology knowledge is
Preparatory instructions:  Plant Physiology
Learning materials:  course notes and supplied material
Hadidi A. - Plant virus disease control. APS Press.
Other info:  Oral discussion
Program of Biotechnology in Plant Pathology (pdf version)
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