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Cell Engineering
Code: G6105-
Teacher:  Carlo Massimo Pozzi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  To acquire the knowledge necessary to apply the biotechniques to
crop improvement; to develop base competencies on the
management of scientific projects in the agro-sciences fields.
Acquired skills:  The student will develop the capability to plan and implement
biotechnological experiments for crop improvement. The range of
possible projects will span from vaccines production to metabolic
pathways modification.
Course contents:  Genetic variability as a fundamental driver of biotechnological crop
improvement; principles of metabolic engineering and examples;
principles of plant molecular pharming and examples; plant biotech
to improve plant nutritional value; synthetic biology and
examples; biotech improvement of agronomic aspects and
examples; principles of scientific project management.
Program:  • Plant genetic variability: from plant domestication to
biotech; the biotechnologist as a trait-d’union between plant
genetic improvement, “omics” sciences and the follow-up of the
green revolution
• Metabolic engineering (ME): aims, scope and pitfalls;
molecular techniques used in ME; metabolic partitioning and ME;
ME targets. Hints of ME business.
• Plant molecular Pharming (PMF): the plant system and
optimization; methods used in PMF; PMF examples (antibodies,
vaccines, VLPs, other pharmaceutical proteins); methods to
extract and purify heterologous proteins produced in planta. Hints
of PMF business.
• Plant nutritional properties improvement: ME applied to
nutritional properties; examples: phytonutrients; carotenoids;
vitamins; amminoacids and flavors and their improvement in
planta. Hints of business.
• Biotech frontiers: artificial phosynthesis; synthetic biology;
nitrogen use efficiency improvement.
• Principles of scientific project management (project phases,
processes and management); rudiments of euro projecting for
Prerequisites:  SEE ARIEL WEBSITE
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  Slides and papers are provided during the lessons.
Other info:  Written and/or oral
Program of Cell Engineering (pdf version)
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