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Code: G6105-
Teacher:  Carlo Massimo Pozzi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  To acquire the knowledge necessary to apply the biotechniques to
crop improvement; to develop base competencies on the
management of scientific projects in the agro-sciences fields.
Acquired skills:  The student will develop the capability to plan and implement
biotechnological experiments for crop improvement. The range of
possible projects will span from vaccines production to metabolic
pathways modification.
Course contents:  Program
The course will provide elements of genomics and functional
genomics. Genomics will be considered as a paradigmatic shift
in biological sciences, especially applied to plant genetics,
biology and breeding. The course will teach how to use
techniques and technologies to decypher genomes, understand
their structure and relationships between genomes of different
species. Elements of functional genomics will be provided. Also,
genomics will be studied in the context of breeding, and
bioinformatics tools will be presented that could help in
decoding and getting the most out of genomics info.
Program:  Program
Timing is provided as indicative and may vary according to
didactic necessities.
introduction (2 hours)
genomics as a paradigm shift (1 hours)
genome structure and how it is decoded (advanced sequencing
techniques)(5 hours)
genome decoding: reverse genetics (5 hours)
gene discovery (5 hours)
phenomics (2 hours)
RNAi and reverse genetics (3 hours)
Principles of functional genomics (6 hours)
Microarray as a specific tool in functional genomics (3 hours)
How genomics is used in breeding (8 hours)
Bioinformatics for genomics (6 hours)
Special tools and techniques (2 hours)
Prerequisites:  Your capacity to attend and understand the course will be
greatly improved if you'll master the following topics:
1. Mendelian and formal genetics
2. DNA and gene structure
3. Recombination and its use in molecular mapping
4. Molecular markers
5. QTL and QTL-mapping
6. Basics in nucleic acids sequencing
7. Basics in plant breeding (breeding in autogamous and
allogamous species; molecular markers applied to plant
8. Basics in molecular biology (plasmids, cloning techniques
and strategies, bacterial and eukaryotes transformation,
restriction enzymes and their use in molecular biology, DNA
labeling, nucleic acid analysis)
9. Basics in statistics
10. Basics in PC use
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  The slides (in English) will be timely provided during the course
and will include explanatory text; additionally, papers and books
abstracts will be posted on the Ariel website of the course.
Suggested text books:
• Basics on plant genomics are available in “Genetica e
Genomica” (Barcaccia e Falcinelli eds.).
Other info:  written and/or oral
Program of Genomics (pdf version)
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