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Food Economics and European legislation
Code: G600P-
Teacher:  Alessandro Banterle
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 6
Basic aims:  Provide theoretical and methodological economic tools to analyse food markets and the vertical organisation of supply chains; analyse recent issues connected to undernutrition and obesity; provide knowledge concerning food policy of the EU.
Acquired skills:  Ability to analyse recent issues in the food markets, looking for solutions; knowledge of chain organisation and consumption trends; knowledge of common food policy.
Course contents:  The course is organised in 3 parts:
firts, market failures, transaction costs and public intervention;
second, economic analysis of food system;
third, EU policy for food safety and quality.
Program:  First part - the market analysis in the economic theory

market failures;
transaction costs;
economic welfare and public intervention.

Second part - the agri-food system

economic analysis of food consumptions;
quality attributes of food products;
economic analysis of food system
recent trends in the agriculture, processing, retailing and catering sectors;
internationalisation and trade of food products;
vertical organisation of food supply chains;
economic issues of word hunger;
economic issues of obesity.

Third part - food policies

food policies and public intervention;
economic issues of nutrition labels;
economic analysis of food safety;
EU policy for food safety;
economic analysis of traceability and effects on chain organisation;
economic analysis of food quality and related policy.
Prerequisites:  No
Preparatory instructions:  No
Learning materials:  http://users.unimi.it/banterle/
Other info:  Oral examination on the program topics
Program of Food Economics and European legislation (pdf version)
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