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Raw materials and technologies in chocolate and confectionery industries
Code: G600M-
Teacher:  Mara Lucisano
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Other: 1
Basic aims:  The course represents Unit B of the "Cereals and Sweet Products Science and Technology". The main goal of the course is to provide the students the essential knowledge to enter the sweet products and chocolate world with competence and critical abilities and - why not - to plan new products!
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of the main ingredients and technologies adopted in the sweet products and chocolate world, as well as of the main factors that influence their quality.
Course contents:  Structural characteristics of the chocolate and confectionery industries. Knowledge of the main raw materials involved and of their chemical-physical properties. Technological process of many products of the sector. Innovative processes. The sugar-free sector. Seminars on specific topics held by experts from the industry. Visits of industrial plants.
Program:  Chocolate and confectionery sector: structure, figures, main products and producers. Recall of some concepts fundamental for the sector (moisture, water activity, isotherms, rheology etc.). Vision of the main raw materials involved in the sector and of their technological properties. SUGAR&CONFECTIONERY. Sugar industry. Sugar properties. Corn syrup: process and properties. Candies (hard candies, toffees, fudges, gummies, gelatins, fondant, tablets, liquorice, dragče...): product definition, raw material specifications, operative conditions. The sugar-free sector: sugar substitutes, regulations, applications. COCOA&CHOCOLATE. The sector. Regulations and product definitions. Cocoa varieties, cultivation and practices. Bean composition and quality. Cocoa processing and technology; process and factors influencing the quality. Chocolate manufacturing processes. Chocolate quality and defects. Milk crumb technology. Flavour development during processing. FRUIT&DERIVATIVES. Fruits in syrups, candied fruits, jams, marmalades etc.: regulations and product definitions, operative conditions, quality and defects. HONEY. Regulations and product definitions, process, quality and defects. OTHER PRODUCTS: ready to eat breakfast cereals, granola bars, 'torrone', 'croccante', etc.
Prerequisites:  Student must know the principal unit operations.
Preparatory instructions:  ----
Learning materials:  Lectures slides and notes, specific papers.
Other info:  Written examination at the end of the course. Optional: report on a specific topic of interest.
Program of Raw materials and technologies in chocolate and confectionery industries (pdf version)
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