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Code: G600H-
Teacher:  Francesco Bonomi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in laboratory:  1
Basic aims:  To understand the peculiar features of food macromolecules, and the biochemical aspects of various types of food processes, also with reference to the properties of the finished products, with a focus on those related to quality and to health-related issues.
Acquired skills:  Ability to understand the molecular basis of the behavior of food systems. Ability to exploit molecular-level information to understand, to design and to operate novel and established food processes, also in relationship to interactions among food components that are relevant to human nutrition.
Course contents:  Structural properties of food proteins. Interaction among food components. Controlled denaturation of food proteins in established and innovative processes. Enzyme-related modifications. Role of small molecules. Methodologies for assessing molecular-level modifications in food, as related to: structure, ability to interact with other components, biological activity.
Program:  Contents Significance of biological organization in food systems: a biochemical view. Case studies: vertebrate muscles and legume seeds. Nature of process-induced modifications in food proteins, and biochemical approaches to their definition and understanding. Effect of food processes on interactions among food components, including proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates Food-related enzymes Biochemical aspect of novel and established processes, and of storage/preservation Effects of processes on nutrients and anti-nutritional factors, including micronutrients and antioxidants Critical analysis of case studies: Developing procedures for biochemical characterization of traditional/typical foods; Developing an innovative process and characterizing its products; Developing and characterizing products for "sensible" consumers Practical labs Bioinformatics and food proteins Spectroscopy for assessing process-induced structural changes in food proteins Stability of micronutrients coordination in foods: metalloproteins.
Prerequisites:  General knowledge of the structure/function relationship in proteins. General knowledge of food processes and products.
Preparatory instructions:  General biochemistry Food biochemistry
Learning materials:  Copies of any original visual aids are circulated among students, as are selected monographs and selected original papers. Self-guided and assisted use of the internet.
Other info:  There are two mid-term tests during classes, and a written final exam for anyone failing one or both the mid-term tests.
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