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Economics of Innovation in the Food Industry
Code: G600A-
Teacher:  Alessandro Banterle
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  Provide theoretical and methodological tools for the economic analysis of food industry; analyse innovation types and effects; provide the knowledge concerning firm strategies to adopt innovations and evaluation methods.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of the recent economic trends in the food industry; knowledge of implementation strategies and of innovation effects; ability to apply methods for the evaluation of innovations.
Course contents:  The course is divided in two parts. The first analyses the economic issues concerning the food industry (concentration, competitiveness, etc.). The second is dedicated to the economics of innovation in the food industry.
Program:  First part: analysis of food industry

economic indicators of food sector;
concentration in the food industry;
economic approaches to the analysis of competitive advantage (Porter model and Resources Based View);
sector competitiveness analysis.

Second part: innovation in the food industry

General concepts related to innovation;
product lyfe cycle, market types and innovation;
classification of innovations and technological transfer;
effects of innovation on productivity;
innovations in the food sectors;
firm strategy for innovation: buy;
firm strategy for innovation: make;
new product and process;
economic evaluation of innovation: the business plan.
Prerequisites:  No
Preparatory instructions:  No
Learning materials:  http://users.unimi.it/banterle/
Other info:  Oral examination on the program topics
Program of Economics of Innovation in the Food Industry (pdf version)
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