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Avdanced dairy technologies
Code: G6008-
Teacher:  Stefano Cattaneo
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Other: 1
Basic aims:  Learning the main advanced dairy technologies applied to milk processing. Developing a critical analysis concerning the innovative dairy technologies from a legal point of view.
Acquired skills:  The course provides the student with useful tools for the evaluation of the effect of advanced dairy technologies on end products.
Course contents:  The course deals with automation of milk processing, use of unconventional raw materials and the main innovations in dairy technology
Program:  Cheese: evolution of cheesemaking; automation of the main steps of cheesemaking; use of unconventional raw material; enzymes for increasing cheese yield, for ripening acceleration and flavour developement; reduced fat cheeses; reduced salt cheeses; innovations in the PDO cheeses sector; current technologies for management of whey.
Drinking milk: ESL (Extended Shelf Life) milk; alternative methods for milk sanitation.
Fermented milk: alternative technologies for milk concentration; long-life yogurth, powdered yogurth, concentrated yogurth, drinking yogurth.
Powdered milk products: chemical, physical and technological characteristics; legal and technological aspects related to their use in cheesemaking. Recombined milk products:cheese analogues; milk based infant formulas.
Prerequisites:  Knowledge of both dairy chemistry and main dairy technologies.
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  - Lecture notes
- Slides distributed in class
Other info:  Oral examination consisting of questions about topics reported in the program
Program of Avdanced dairy technologies (pdf version)
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