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Preservation and transformation of products of animal origin
Code: G6006-
Teacher:  Ernestina Casiraghi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5,5
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  To provide knowledge of the main preservation and production processes of animal-derived food products. Acquire critical knowledge and understanding with respect to quality indexes and to control systems for monitoring the quality of animal products along the food chain.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of the necessary information to set up technical specification and control sheets. Ability to operate on the production processes in order to handle problems and non-conformities. Ability to organize and manage analytical controls on raw matters and finished products to ensure quality. Development of new products and technological improvement of processes.
Course contents:  Economic data and regulations of animal products. Production and storage of fresh and frozen meat. Production technology of pork, beef and poultry products. Preserved fish and fish products. Egg and egg products. Minor ingredients and additives used in meat industry. Meat and fish by-products.
Program:  • Meat industry: economic data • Traceability and regulations • Preservation technologies of fresh meat (refrigeration, freezing) • Ingredients and additives for animal products • Products
transformation of beef and pork: fermented products (salami); raw whole piece cured products
(bresaola, prosciutto); cooked whole piece products (ham); cooked minced products (bologna,
frankfurters); raw minced products (salami, sausages); canned meat • Typical products and
production specifications (Disciplinari) • Processing of poultry meat: cooked products (chicken or turkey roast); ready to cook products (breaded, chicken nuggets) • Canned fish: tuna, sardines, salted accighe; seafood salad • Smoked products • Eggs and egg products: technology, freshness indexes and functional properties • Low-fat meat products and by-products
Prerequisites:  info not available
Preparatory instructions:  The understanding of a few fundamental topics of biochemistry, microbiology, unit operation should be acquired.
Learning materials:  Notes from the course lectures. The teachers will put at the student's disposal the slides shown during the lectures and other texts in the e- learning site ARIEL
Other info:  Oral examination to assess critical knowledge and comprehension of the topics.
Program of Preservation and transformation of products of animal origin (pdf version)
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