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Vegetables and ornamentals growing systems
Code: G5908-
Teacher:  Antonio Ferrante
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4,5
Practices in classroom: 1
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  The aim of the course is to provide information and tools regarding the cultivation of vegetables and ornamental plants in protected environments. In particular the best agricultural practice consideriche the eco-physiological crop responses.
Acquired skills:  Students after the course will be able to manage the cultivation in protected, in order to improve or increase the resources use efficiency without compromise the yield and quality of the produce.
Course contents:  In the course will be described the factors that will interact with climate control in greenhouse. The main strategies for heating and cooling the enviroment will be described. The management of mineral nutrition and irrigation will be presented. The botanical characteristics of the main species will be studied. Finally the ornamental plants potentially used for urban and landscape environments will be described.
Program:  Introduction 1.1. Vegetables growing systems: protected and open field cultivations 1.2. Idiffusion and importance of protected cultivation in Italy 1.3. Classification of protected cultivations 2. Greenhouse structures and forms 2.1. Cover materials 2.2. Energy balance in greenhouse and heating power estimation 2.3. Spectra of solar radiation 3. Temperature management 3.1. Cooling and heating systems 3.2. Greenhouse and environment control 4. Irrigation management 4.1. Evaluation of water needs 4.2. Greenhouse irrigation methods 4.3. Water quality 5. Hydroponics system 5.1. Substrates 5.2. Chemical and physical proprieties of substrates 5.3. Open and closed systems 5.4. Nutrient solution management 5.5. Sterilization of ricirculation solution 6. Plant growth regulators 6.1. Rooting treatments 6.2. Flowering 6.3. Fruit set improvement 7. Vegetables 7.1. Vegetables growing systems 8. Strategies for improving quality in greenhouse 8.1. Nitrates control in vegetables 8.2. Herbaceous grafting 8.3. Greenhouse pollination 9. Botanic characteristics, temperature, nutritional needs and growing techniques of the most important crops. 10. Flowering and ornamental growing systems 10.1. Ornamental plants that can be used in shade environments 10.2. Ornamental plants that can be used in limited water availability 10.3. Ornamental Shrubs that can be used in pollutant environments with heavy metals 10.4. Identification of ornamental plants with different sensitivity to salinity 10.5. Ornamental plants with limited mineral nutritional needs.
Prerequisites:  None
Preparatory instructions:  Suggested: Agronomia, Chimica Agraria and Fisiologia Vegetale
Learning materials:  The notes and slides are available on the Ariel 2.0 web site under
the fold Orticoltura e Floricoltura.
Other info:  The exam will be oral on the topics showed during the lessons in
classes with the identification of vegetables and floriculture crops
by photos. It will be asked to report the thermal balance of a
greenhouse and how it is calculated. It will be asked the
cultivation systems in protected cultivation. The ornamental part
will be asked the criteria for select the urban species.
Program of Vegetables and ornamentals growing systems (pdf version)
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