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Physiology of plant production
Code: G5903-
Teacher:  Maurizio Cocucci
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in laboratory:  1
Basic aims:  Critical understanding of the logic of growth, cell differentiation and development of plants in relation to the main cell and organs functions: photosynthesis, oxygen consumption, mineral nutrition, imposition of stressful conditions.
Acquired skills:  Identification of the critical aspects of plant qualitative and quantitative production also in relation to the interaction with the environment, design of improvements by means of chemical, physical, biological actions. Tools for critical participation to the evolution of knowledge.
Course contents:  The photosynthetic carbon fixation and reduction, physiology of plant production and limitation to yield photosynthesis. Physiological roles of oxygen uptake in plants. Absorption and assimilation of mineral nutrients: thermodynamic kinetic and biochemical aspects in relation to the main metabolic cellular functions. Growth differentiation and development: qualitative and quantitative aspects of morphogenesis and photo-morphogenesis, the role of hormones. Seed maturation and germination. The secondary products of metabolism.
Program:  Photosynthetic carbon fixation: Eco-physiology of photosynthesis. Thermodynamic of photosynthesis: energy conversion and cost of C3, C4 and CAM plants carbon fixation. Crop yield and productivity. Physiology of productivity and carbon fixation. Role of Stomata in photosynthesis carbon assimilation. Photosynthesis and water transpiration. Photorespiration. Photo-inhibition. Carbohydrate transport and partitioning. Relationship between photosynthesis and mineral plant nutrition. Roles of respiration and oxygen uptake in plants. Role biosynthetic of respiration in plant. Cyanide resistant oxidases. Non mitochondrial oxygen uptakes: microbodies plasma membrane, cytoplasm. Lipid use and gluconeogenesis during seed germination. Uptake and assimilation of mineral nutrients. Thermodynamics, kinetics and biochemical aspect of membrane transport and its role in plant physiology. Uptake of nitrogen sulfur and phosphorus. Assimilation of nitrogen and sulfur. Growth and development. Morphogenesis and photo-morphogenesis. Phyto-chromes activities. Plant growth regulators and hormones. Signal perception and transduction. Stress Physiology. Role of stress in crop yield. Water deficit and stress. Stress by low and high temperature, anaerobiosis, nutritional, biotic. Tolerance mechanisms for stresses. Seed. Seed maturation and germination. Seed germination and metabolic reactivation of plasma-membrane ad metabolism. Natural products and secondary metabolites. Characteristic of secondary metabolites: physiological role and biosynthesis.
Prerequisites:  Are required knowledge concerning:
-morpho-functional organization of the plant,
-general and organic chemistry
-physics in particular thermodynamics.
-general biochemistry
Preparatory instructions:  It is not required prerequisites for the teachings of the degree
Learning materials:  It is given to the students the materials, slides, that are shown and discussed during the teaching.
- Biochimica e Biologia Molecolare delle Piante, BB Buchanan, W Gruissem, RL Jones, Zanichelli
- Fisiologia vegetale, L Taiz E Ziegler ed ital. Massimo Maffei Zanichelli
Other info:  The test consists in an oral critical presentation: student can make a choice between the following two possible way:
- critical illustration of a presentation of a topic of teaching integrated with the contents of scientific articles of interest, identified by the student with a search on the site of the electronic libraries of the University, agreed with the teacher. The teacher is available for explanations and clarifications during the setting up of the presentation. The teacher will ask questions about topics covered in class.
- presentation and discussion of on three subject from the topics of teaching identifying and discussing general significant aspect.
Synthesis and critical view of the topics discussed will be evaluated
Program of Physiology of plant production (pdf version)
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