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Communication methods and techniques
Code: G581R-
Teacher:  Anna Alfea Sandrucci
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 1,5
Practices in classroom: 1,5
Basic aims:  The course aims to provide students with the basics of oral and
written communication and to facilitate, through writing and
speaking workshops, the acquisition of communication techniques
for applications in the workplace.
Acquired skills:  By the end of the course, students are expected to: 1-Acquire
effective oral communication skills ; 2-Be able to use computer
softwares (Power Point) for effective presentations; 3-Be able to
prepare an effective CV; 4-Be able to write formal emails.
Course contents:  General elements of written and oral communication. Writing
formal mails, curriculum vitae, reports. Speeches and
presentations with visual aids. Writing and presentation workshops
Program:  General elements of communication. Oral communication: public
speaking; presenting with visual aids. Written communication:
formal mail; technical-scientific report; curriculum vitae.
Writing workshop: writing a formal mail; writing a CV
Presentation workshop: presentation practice with visual aid
Prerequisites:  none
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  Learning material available on ARIEL
Other info:  Knowledge and skills acquired will be assessed during the writing
and presentation workshops through the evaluation of the results
of the written (technical-scientific report, formal mail and
curriculum vitae) and oral (presentating
with visual aids) practice assignments
Program of Communication methods and techniques (pdf version)
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