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Environmental policy
Code: G581K-
Teacher:  Gabriele Caiati
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 6
Basic aims:  Provide students with an understanding of the main instruments, general and sectoral, policy and environmental legislation. This is to enable the same to appropriate the operational capabilities needed to address the protection of natural resources with a view to consideration of both economic and social dynamics in place and the needs of individuals to a better quality of life.
Acquired skills:  Organize and manage production systems and supply chain business objectives, which seek to maximize both economic and environmental aspects. Study and prepare local systems geared to the preservation of natural resources and protecting landscape and environment. Evaluate the cost of environmental goods, environmental impacts of public works and private policies at state and local level.
Course contents:  Types of environmental policy instruments. Choice of instruments in relation to economic and environmental characteristics. Sustainable development: features, characteristics and modalities for its implementation. Environmental management and planning. Protection of rural areas and parks. Sustainability of urban centers. Management of water resources. Solid waste management. Greenhouse effect and related environmental policies. Environmental impact assessment and Strategic Assessment . Responsibilities for the environment state and local governments. Legislation on air, water, soil and protected areas.
Program:  Environmental policy and the choice of instruments. Administration policies and economic instruments, voluntary instruments, institute civil liability, insurance and compensation funds collective. Choice of instruments and compatibility between environmental and economic policy, environmental policy objectives and economic policies, environmental policies and competitiveness, international trade and environmental policies, environmental policies and economic development. Sustainable economic development and policy implications. Sustainability of urban centers and traffic congestion (economic effects and control of externalities of transport and urban traffic, encouragement of public transport). Soil management (optimization of land utilization, changes in land use, rural land, natural habitats and protected areas management, soil protection and risk prevention). Water management and water services (natural cycle of water, public intervention in the water sector, the cost of water and regulation of services). Management of municipal and industrial solid waste (disposal, recovery, recycling and integrated management). Greenhouse effect and ozone depletion (objectives, strategies and policies). Environmental Protection of rural areas. Political and economic aspects of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Assessment. Environmental legislation, the legal environment as well. The skills of State, Regional and Local Authorities. Environmental damage. Environment Agency. The natural environment and landscape. The law of air, water and soil. The law of municipal and industrial waste. The legislation of Protected Areas. Legislation regarding the ozone hole. EIA and SEA legislation.
Prerequisites:  The student, in possession of the first degree, must have an adequate knowledge of basic principles of Economics.
Preparatory instructions:  Economics
Learning materials:  G. Pannella-"Environmental Economics and Policy" Carrocci Bardusco PUBLISHER-A "Environmental Statement" EDITION CUSL-Caiati G. Handouts of transparencies of the course "Environmental Policy and Legislation" CLESAV Caiati-G "Territory of agricultural development
Other info:  Info not available
Program of Environmental policy (pdf version)
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