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Energy for Agriculture
Code: G581D-
Teacher:  Marco Fiala
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4,5
Practices in classroom: 1,5
Basic aims:  The course analyzes from the engineering point of wiew the most important solutions to produce energy in agriculture, using agricultural biomass, byproducts and agro-industyrial wastes.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of the energy production technologies based on Renewable Sources.
Course contents:  Agro-energy production processes description and sustainability (economical, energetic, environmental): (i) biomass termochemical conversions (combustion, gasification, pyrolisis), (ii) biomass biochemical conversions (anaerobic digestion, ethanol fermentation), (iii) vegetable oil extraction and biofuel production.
Program:  1 - What kind of energy?
2 - Biomass: source of energy
3 - Agro-energy chains for ligno-cellulosic biofuels
4 - Agro-energy chains for biogas and liquid biofuels
5 - Sustainability of the biomass energy production
Prerequisites:  Knowledge about energy, agricultural mechanisation, farm plants are useful for students interested to the course.
Preparatory instructions:  Previous recomended exminations: Mathematics, Physics.
Learning materials:  Materials (presentations) utilized during the lessons and practices (exercises) are directly downloaded from ARIEL 2.0 website (http://ariel.unimi.it/User/Default.aspx).
Other info:  The exam is oral, including also some calculations. During the Classroom Practices several exercises concerning practical problems are worked out.
Program of Energy for Agriculture (pdf version)
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