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Agriculture and Economic Development
Code: G5815-
Teacher:  Dario Gianfranco Frisio
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 7
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The course provides a training upon the relations between agriculture and economic development, both historical and present, in particurarly for the role played by innovation.
Moreover, it supplies methods and tools to value agricultural economic growth and approach relevant International Datasets.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of methods and tools to value agricultural growth.
Knowledge of international DataSets
Knowledge of Agricultural Intellectual Property Systems and related sources of information (UPOV, WIPO, EPO, USPTO, CAMBIA)
Course contents:  Agriculture's topics as economic sector
World agricultural systems.
Agricultural Economic History (last two centuries)
Growth and development
Economic growth and development measures
Research and innovation role.
International institutions
Program:  Introduction:
- Agriculture's topics as economic sector.
- The birth of agriculture (some lessons from the ancient history)
- The agricultural systems of the world: typoogies and evolution
1) Economic History of Agriculture in the last two centuries:
- Trends in the long run: output, prices and trade
- Production factors: land, capital and labor
- Productivity and technical progress in agriculture
- Agricultural institutions: property rights, land reforms and contracts
- Market and agricultural policies
2) Growth and development
- Definition of development; therotical approaches
- Human capital and agriculture in the economic development
- Timing and models of agricultural growth
3) Measures of growth and development
- Sources and methods
- Poverty and food insecurity
- Human Development Index
4) Research and innovation
- Agricultural innovations
- Inputs: seeds and agrochemicals
- Agrobiotechnologies
- National and International public research
- Private research and Intellectual Property Rights
- A guide to Patents dataset
- UPOV Convention, Biodiversity Convention
5) International institutions
- World Bank, OECD and International Monetary Fund
- The State of Food and Agriculture
- The State of Food Insecurity in the World
- World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development
Prerequisites:  A good knowledge of essentials of economics and agricultural economics and politics is requested
Preparatory instructions:  Essentials of Economics
Agricultural Economics and Politics
Learning materials:  The teacher supplies the teaching equipment directly for memory devices and the information to approach Reports, News and Statistics on the Web
- G. Federico - “Breve storia economia dell’agricoltura”, Il Mulino (also available like: G. Federico - Feeding the world - Princeton University Press)
- The World Bank - "World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development" - http://wdronline.worldbank.org/
Other info:  Exam:
two intermediate written tests
Final PowerPoint presentation of a topic to be agreed with the teacher
Program of Agriculture and Economic Development (pdf version)
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