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Livestock mechanisation and manure management - Unit 1: Livestock mechanisation
Code: G5812C
Teacher:  Aldo Calcante
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  To understand that the use of machinery in livestock husbandry is necessary for the environment and for socio-economic reasons. To understand how machines work, their performances and limits while taking into account health and safety regulations. To learn how to choose machinery and installations. To learn how to plan and design structures and plants in relation to the problems of agricultural waste management. Special reference to livestock waste management in relation to environment safeguard will be done.
Acquired skills:  Students successfully completing the program will be able to: choose and define the most suitable forage harvesting and cattle feeding mechanization chain; design and control milking plants, renewable energy supplies and implement health and safety regulations for machinery and installations. In addition they will know functional and design criteria of structures and plants for agricultural waste management and they will be able to use simulation and calculation tools to support the correct management of agricultural waste, with special focus on animal manure, for environment safeguard.
Course contents:  Outline of agricultural mechanization and farm modelling. Working time assessment, Labour productivity vs capital substitute.
Field operations for forage and hay harvesting: machinery and operational chains. Two-steps hay harvesting, hay drying at the farm.
Grain milling and mixing; distribution systems of concentrated food and of total mixed rations in livestock, pigs and poultry farms.
Farm energy consumption; Electrical wiring; Renewable energy supplies.
Cattle, sheep, goat and buffalo milking. Milking installations testing.
Precision livestock husbandry. Milk cooling. The operating machines for slurry distribution.
Hazards and safety regulations in animal husbandry
Program:  Outline of agricultural mechanization and farm modelling. Calls of the working time assessment , on the labor productivity, capital substitute, planning and scheduling field operations.
Calls of the main field operations for forage and hay harvesting: machinery and machinery chains.
Design features and performances of various mowing machines, forage conditioners, windrowers, hay-rakes, conventional balers, roto-balers.
Hay making in two steps, hay drying at farm level; (choosing the fan, working pressure, temperature drop).
Feed preparation: milling and mixing; machinery for silage unloading; Total mixed rations wagons; distribution systems of concentrated feedstuffs and robotized distribution of TMR for dairy cattle; feed distribution in pigs and poultry rearing units.
Energy consumption at farm level; electrical wiring in farmsteads and its sizing; Renewable energy role (FV).
Machine milking and milking machines for dairy cows, sheep, goats and water buffaloes; design of the milking parlors and of the milking installations; Cleaning milking installations; testing milking installations; Robotic milking.
Precision animal husbandry.
Milk storage and cooling at farm level.
The operating machines for the slurry distribution. Outline of Precision farming approach.
Hazards and national and regional safety regulations in animal husbandry.
Prerequisites:  those required for admission to the degree
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Teaching materials
Books to read:
- AA.VV. (1997) – Manuale di Agricoltura - Hoepli,
Milano (chapter on “Costruzioni rurali”) –
- Lecture notes provided by the lecturer
– Abstracts from various sources provided by the lecturer
Other info:  Practical: visits and demonstrations will take place on farms of different mechanization level .
Field tests of livestock farm machinery
Evaluation and assessment: a written test and an oral exam related to the course subject matter.
Program of Livestock mechanisation and manure management - Unit 1: Livestock mechanisation (pdf version)
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