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GIS (Geographical Information System) for rural landscape
Code: G580L-
Teacher:  Giulio Senes
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The course aims to give to the students the methodological and technical knowledge useful to design, build and manage GIS (Geographical Information Systems), with particular regard to rural landscape planning issues.
Acquired skills:  The students will be able to: -design and build GIS; -use methodologies and techniques based on GIS technology for rural landscape assessment and planning; -use GIS trough practical exercises.
Course contents:  A - Recalls of Cartography
1. The national and regional official cartography in Italy ;
2. Topographic and thematic maps;
3. Traditional and digital cartography.

1. The definitions of Geographic Information System and GIS;
2. Components and functions of GIS;
3. Basic data acquisition and processing, vector and raster data;
4. Creation of topology, editing of spatial data, database management, queries and spatial analysis;
5. Maps creation.

All topics related to GIS will be discussed in general terms and through an example application. Each lesson consists of a theoretical and a practical part (ArcGIS).
Program:  PRINCIPLES OF CARTOGRAPHY -Referring systems and cartographic projections; -The official Italian Cartography and the Regional cartography; -Topographic and thematic maps. THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR LANDSCAPE REPRESENTATION: GIS (Geographic Information Systems) -Meaning of Information System and GIS; -GIS components and functions; -Databases, data acquisition, vector and raster data; -Topology, spatial data editing, management of spatial databases; -Database query and spatial analysis (overlay, buffer, etc.); -Preparing maps for print; -GIS and the internet; -Applications to rural landscape assessment and planning. EXERCISE The student will use GIS software for a rural landscape assessment and planning project, in order to learn the most important GIS functions.
Prerequisites:  none
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  The material of the course will be available.
Other info:  The student has to carry out at home an analysis and assessment "studio" for a municipality of in his choice. The exam is oral and consists of the discussion of the work done at home.
Program of GIS (Geographical Information System) for rural landscape (pdf version)
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