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Landscape laboratory - biodiversity and landscape
Code: G570TC
Teacher:  Simon Pierce
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in laboratory:  0,5
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  The aim of the course is to provide basic knowledge of plant ecology, to describe the distribution, current and past, of individual species and of plant communities on Earth, to provide the scientific tools for studying plant communities, also in order to correct interpretation, management and landscape design.
Acquired skills:  The student will acquire knowledge of plant ecology, geobotany applied, landscape ecology and environmental design, in order to address correct territorial analyzes, assessments of the quality of the environment and formulating guidelines for the design, restoration and environmental recovery.
Course contents:  The course will cover topics of plant ecology (ecological factors,
ecological valence), bioclimatology, geobotany (chorology,
vegetation science, vegetation cartography), biodiversity,
landscape, environmental design. Case studies will be presented,
giving an indication of how to use the analysis of vegetation and
landscape to assess the quality of the environment, to estimate
biodiversity and to deisgn works of environmental requalification.
Program:  - Preliminary concepts: definition of Landscape, Geobotany,
Lndscape Ecology, flora and vegetation
- Basics of plant ecology: ecosystem, habitat, ecological niche,
ecological factors, ecological valence, environmental factors (soil,
climate, altitude, exposure, animal...) that determine the
distribution of plants. Bioclimatology.
- Chorology: species' geographic distribution, chorotypes, life
forms of plants, flora.
- Vegetation science: Phytosociology (vegetation relevés,
phytosociological table, association, syntaxonomy),
Sinphytosociology (dynamism of vegetation, vegetation
succession, vegetation series)
- Applied Geobotany: biodiversity; ecological networks; vegetation
cartography; plant species and communities as bioindicators;
environmental analysis; landscape and environmental planning.
Prerequisites:  Basics of General and Systematic Botany and of Ecology
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  In addiction to the educational materials provided by the
the main reference texts are: Pignatti S. (ed.), 1995 –
vegetale. Utet ed.; Pignatti S., 2004 – Ecologia del
Utet Ed.; Rivas-Martínez S., 1987 – Nociones sobre
Biogeografía e Bioclimatología. In “La vegetation de
Universidad de Alcalá de Henares: 19-45.; Ferrari C., 2001

Biodiversità dall’analisi alla gestione. Zanichelli Ed.; Farina
2001 - Ecologia del paesaggio. Utet ed.
Other info:  The student will discuss an original project.
Program of Landscape laboratory - biodiversity and landscape (pdf version)
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