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Landscape laboratory - stream restoration
Code: G570TB
Teacher:  Claudio Gandolfi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Practices in classroom: 2
Basic aims:  The course aims to provide students with the necessary tools to address the issues related to rivers restoration, both natural and artificial environments in rural area s. Another goal is to acquire knowledge and skills in relation to the restoration project.
Acquired skills:  The student will acquire useful knowledge to deal with the issue of environmental restoration of watercourses in rural areas and the best way to perform the design process.
Course contents:  River systems represent an important aspect of the landscape ecology. At the same time, due to their strictly interaction with human activity, they are heavy altered and lost their functionality. Restoration project aim to recover the original functionalities. The course will introduce the student to several disciplines: river morphology, stream ecology, hydrology, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering. The student will acquire skills with GIS, statistical and engineering tools.
Program:  Introduction, water cycle, carbon cycle
Elements of river morphology
Elements of river ecology
Stream restoration project
GIS laboratory
Field survey
Hydrology (Theory)
Hydrology (laboratory)
Hydraulic and geotechnic theory
Hydraulic and geotechnic laboratory
Works review
Elements of planning
Prerequisites:  basics of math, physic, chemistry and ecology
Preparatory instructions:  GIS, CAD tools
Learning materials:  all the material is available on the Ariel web platform
Other info:  The student will discuss an original stream restoration project.
Program of Landscape laboratory - stream restoration (pdf version)
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