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Code: G570TA
Teacher:  Guido Sali
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in laboratory:  1
Basic aims:  Knowing how to define the planning context in which a project fits;
Knowing how to identify the available tools and public stakeholders to start a redevelopment project;
Knowing how to identify and analyze the costs and benefits (direct / indirect, market / non-market) related to a project;
Knowing how to use these skills applied to a case study.
Acquired skills:  This module, conveniently integrated with the other modules of the course, enables students to acquire the tools necessary to draw up a master plan of intervention projects in the agro-environmental field and the skills to apply the techniques of economic and financial evaluation. Students will also be able to uptake the administrative procedures and tools of support to the agricultural and environmental policies.
Course contents:  Definition and analysis of design choice as well as the context and
Methods of projects' ex-ante assessment: financial, economic,
environmental evaluation.
Applying the methods to a project proposal and development of a
case study.
Program:  Project analysis with particular reference to the water sector:
objectives, actions,objective and result indicators, feasibility and
options analysis, stakeholders, role of ex-ante evaluation.
Financial analysis and economic analysis: time horizon, costs and
revenues generated by the project; financial sustainability,
determination of the discount rate; determination of performance
Corrections for the economic analysis: externalities, prices of
account, discounting.
The multi-criteria analysis. The monetary valuation of
environmental services.
Prerequisites:  Basics of Economics
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Available on Ariel platform
Other info:  Drafting a report end oral presentaion
Program of Info not available (pdf version)
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