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Forest resource management
Code: G570Q-
Teacher:  Tommaso Sitzia
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4,5
Practices in classroom: 1,5
Basic aims:  Didactic activities are focused on protection and recovery of forests, parks and protected areas; on promotion of forest resources in a perspective of defense, multifunctionality and ecological management of landscapes; on planningof interventions with low environmental impact for controlling hydrogeological instability and soil degradation; on cooperation in sustainable management of water resources.
Acquired skills:  The students will be able on their own to develop actions for forest planning, both in mountains and in protected areas, and for the exploitation of the resource forest. In addition, they will acquire the ability to interact with the territorial planning processes with an interdisciplinary approach, integrating aspects distinctive of forest environment together with those of in other sectors.
Course contents:  The course deals with an ecological approach to the management and land use allocation in territorial, sectoral and forest plans. The ultimate goal is to present the instruments, and the challenges, of a planning process which aims at a sustainable use of forest resources, at different scales.
Program:  Ecological planning: basic concepts. Elements of ecology of forest ecosystems and landscapes. Principles of ecological planning at broad scale. General aspects of ecological planning of forest ecosystems. Forestry sector in the context of spatial planning instruments. Forest planning at the national level. Regional forest planning. District forest planning. Local forest planning. Forest planning in protected areas. Forest planning in Natura 2000 sites.
Prerequisites:  Not required
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Textbook:
Corona et al. (2011) Pianificazione ecologica dei sistemi forestali. Compagnia delle Foreste, Arezzo.
Other info:  An oral exam will be administered to test the students' a) a) knowledge of relevant theoretical and conceptual frameworks; b) ability to apply theoretical/conceptual understandings to a given question; c) ability to present ideas/opinions coherently with reference to models and frameworks as appropriate.
Program of Forest resource management (pdf version)
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