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Territorial policy and rural development
Code: G5708-
Teacher:  Guido Sali
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 8
Basic aims:  The course aims to provide the tools for analysis of development, environmental and territorial policies, with particular reference to rural areas, both in developed and in developing countries.
Acquired skills:  Through teaching, students acquire the ability to read and interpret economic phenomena and the relationships between the economies, as well as the main lines that drive European agricultural policy in relation to environmental issues and international relations.
Course contents:  Common agricultural policy: historical evolution, present situation, future challenges. Integratione between agricultural policy, environmental policy and structural policy. Rural development at European and regional level: objectives, tools of analysis, and operational measures. Economic development: concepts and theories. The role of International trade in the economic development: main tools of trade policy.
Program:  The course aims to give analysis instruments of
environmental and territorial development policy,
referring to rural areas, both in developed and developing
countries. Contents of the course are: Economic
Development: notions and theories. Economic and human
development. Development and poverty. Economic
development and income distribution. Kuznets hypothesis.
International trade and economic development: centre
and periphery of international economy; growth and
terms of trade. Development, esternal debt and balance
of payments equilibrium. The role of trade: the trade
policy. Tariffs and welfare: effects of the tariff on
production, demand and imports. Tariffs in the European
Union. Other trade policy instruments. The role of EU in
the international trade negotiation. The Common
Agricultural Policy (CAP): historical evolution, current
situation, outlook. The Fiscler reform and the Health
Check. Integration between Agricultural Policy and
Environmental Policy. Integration between Agricultural
Policy and Structural Policy. Agricultural Policy and rural
development: actions and instruments. From regulation to
the Rural Development Plan.
Prerequisites:  Required knoweldge: Microeconomics and environmental economics
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  Boggio L., Seravalli G.: Lo sviluppo economico, Il Mulino, 2003 Chapters: 1, 2, 8. Materials distributed during the course.
Other info:  The final exam is a written test. The exam consists in three questions: two concern concepts faced during the course, while the third is related to a measure of the rural development program chosen by the student.
Program of Territorial policy and rural development (pdf version)
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