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Applied physics with elements of technical physics - unit n. 2
Code: G300UB
Teacher:  Aniello Mennella
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The course aims to provide basic knowledge of
electromagnetism and mechanisms of heat transfer, the
mechanics of fluid and the vapor-air mixtures
fundamentals illustrating some applications in the
catering industry.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge for the correct interpretation of the physical
phenomena and related laws. Ability to address and
solve numerical exercises applied to cases of interest in
the agro-food industry.
Course contents:  Fundamentals of electromagnetism (electrostatics,
electric circuits, magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves)

Fundamentals of heat transport phenomena (conduction,
convection, radiation)

Gas-vapour mixtures (perfect gases, basic definitions,
humidity, phychrometric diagrams)
Program:  Fundamentals of electromagnetism

-> Electric charge, coulomb law, electric field, electric potential

-> Magnetic fields, motion of charged particles in magnetic fields, Lorentz force

-> Electric circuits, potential difference, electric current, resistance, capacitance, inductance

-> Electro-magnetic waves, basic of optics (reflection, refraction, polarization, interference, diffraction)

Fundamentals of transport phenomena

-> Basic concept, definitions of flux, temperature, heat, volume, density, pressure

-> Heat transport phenomena

-> Conduction: Fourier law, thermal conductivity, steady and transient regimes, conduction through simple and composite walls

-> Convection: definition, natural and forced convection, Reynolds, Nusselt, Prandtl and Grasshof numbers, heat exchange by conduction and convection

-> Radiation: main radiation transport laws (Planck's law, Stefan Boltzmann law, Wien approximation), heat exchange between bodies with simple geometry

Gas-vapour mixtures

-> Brief introduction on perfect gases and definition of main quantities

-> Saturation pressure, gas vapour mixtures

-> Gas and vapour mixtures, some examples

-> Absolute and relative humidity, dew point, frost point, adiabatic saturation temperature

-> Psychometric diagrams
Prerequisites:  Basic algebra, trigonometry
Preparatory instructions:  Mathematics
Learning materials:  Slides and exercises available for download from the url:

Serway, Principles of Physics, Brooks/Cole
Y.A. Cengel, Heat transfer, McGraw-Hill
Other info:  The exam consists of a written test, replaced by in-
course tests. The test is to certify the knowledge and
skills acquired during the course.
Program of Applied physics with elements of technical physics - unit n. 2 (pdf version)
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