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Applied physics
Code: G300UA
Teacher:  Vittoria Petrillo
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The course aims to provide basic knowledge of electromagnetism
and mechanisms of heat transfer, the mechanics of fluid and the
vapor-air mixtures fundamentals illustrating some applications in
the catering industry.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge for the correct interpretation of the physical phenomena
and related laws. Ability to address and solve numerical exercises
applied to cases of interest in the agro-food industry.
Course contents:  Conduction, convection and radiation steady state heat
transfer.Heat exchangers: heat transfer surface determination.Fluid
statics:Pascal, Stevino, Archimede laws.Fluid dynamics: continuity
equation, Bernoulii’s equation, head losses, pumps.Vapor-air
mixture: properties of moist air and principal state changes
Program:  THE LANGUAGE OF PHYSISC Dimensions and units Dimensional analysis TRANSPORT PHENOMENA FUNDAMENTALS Flux concept. The temperature. Internal energy and heat: Joule experiment Heat transfer mechanisms Heat conduction: the Fourier law, thermal conductivity, steady heat conduction and transient heat conduction, monodimensional steady heat conduction upon simple and complex walls. Convection: forced and natural convection, Newton’s law of convection, Nusselt, Reynolds, Prandtl and Grashoff numbers and correlations. Combined conduction-convection heat transfer and applications (fins, heat exchangers). Heat exchangers: types, energy and mass balances, heat tranfer surface determination. Radiation heat transfer: electromagnetic waves, radiation laws (Plank, Stefan-Boltzmann, Wien), the blackbodies, radiation heat transfer upon simple geometries. FLUID MECHANICS The viscosity and Newton’s viscosity law, rheology. Fluid statics: Pascal, Stevino, Archimede laws, manometers. Fluid dynamics: laminar and turbulent flows, Reynolds number. Bernoulli’s equation for ideal and real fluids. Head losses. VAPOR-AIR MIXTURES Perfect gas laws; properties of moist air: water content, relative humidity, enthalpy, temperature. Principal state changes: Heating, cooling, mixing, drying, admixture of water (saturation) or water vapor.
Prerequisites:  Elementary algebra, trigonometry
Preparatory instructions:  Mathematics
Learning materials:  Slides and notes of the lectures and workbook, available at:htttp://www.iia.unimi.it/Dispense
Other info:  Exam: written test (exercises) and oral test. The written test can be faced in a lighter way depending on mid-term tests result.
Program of Applied physics (pdf version)
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