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Economics and Business Management
Code: G300MA
Teacher:  Giovanni Ferrazzi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 6
Basic aims:  The aim of the course is to introduce students to basic concepts of business administration with a focus on the World of Foodservice
Acquired skills:  The main skills acquired are:
-depth knowledge of the food market
-ability to interpret a balance sheet of a catering company
-technical knowledge of economic business management
Course contents:  -Analysis of segments of the Foodservice. -Administration and management.
-The accounts as a management tool. The general accounts: corporate information system, accounting records, systems and methods, the chart of accounts. The budget: the rules of writing. Types and objectives of the budget. Cost accounting and production costs. The company's choices.
Program:  - Introduction to business economics
- The General Accounting
- The balance sheet
- The food cost
- The business plan
- Competitiveness, Innovation and Business Strategies
- Essentials of Marketing
- The agro-industrial and catering sector
Prerequisites:  Knowledge of economic language, method and basic: understanding of articles, essay and debate about economic themes (growth, price, etc.)
Preparatory instructions:  Essentials of economics and statistics
Learning materials:  -Vitale A., Ferrazzi G., Mendolia F., Manuale di economia, gestione e legislazione delle imprese di ristorazione, ed. Franco Angeli

- Airoldi G., Brunetti G., Coda V., Corso di Economia Aziendale, ed il Mulino
- Favotto F., Economia aziendale, modelli, misure, casi, McGraw-Hill, Milano
- Fontana F., Caroli M., Economia e gestione delle imprese, ed. McGraw-Hill
Other info:  The exam consists in a written test (IN ITALIAN) on the topics covered both in the economics and in the legal elements. The test includes:
-An exercise on the company financial statements
- The answer to theoretical questions
Program of Economics and Business Management (pdf version)
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