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Community Nutrition
Code: G300L-
Teacher:  Paolo Simonetti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The aims of the course is to acquire knowledge on nutritional needs of different age group population and robust information in order to editing some menu planning for the foodservice.
Acquired skills:  Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: - know the scientific principles of human nutrition in health and disease - estimate the nutritional needs of sub-group population - define the nutrient composition of foods - identify the nutritional components of a healthful diet - identify good food sources of individual nutrients - know and calculate the nutritional composition of food with appropriate source of data. - editing some menu planning for the foodservice (schools, companies, elderly, hospital and for particular needs) using computer applications
Course contents:  Public health among industrialised countries: (0.5 CFU) Nutritional needs: (1.5 CFU)
Available instruments: (1.0 CFU)
Menu planning for the communities: (2.5 CFU)
Dietary intake evaluation: (0.5 CFU)
Program:  Public health among industrialised countries: (0.5 CFU) Major nutritional problems, life-style, cultural and demographic aspects.

Nutritional needs: (1.5 CFU) Nutrition between the different age groups: children, adolescents, adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women, elderly Nutrition in people with particular needs: allergies, intolerance, vegetarian diets etc… Nutrition and sport.

Available instruments: (1.0 CFU) Energy and nutrition recommended daily allowance for the Italian population (LARN) Food databases Internet as a research tool to gather information regarding the characterisation of food, nutritional recommendations and software for editing of menus.

Menu planning for the communities: (2.5 CFU) Optimisation of food resources to edit balanced menus Editing of dietetic protocols for schools, companies, elderly and for particular needs (special diets, vegetarian etc…).

Dietary intake evaluation: (0.5 CFU) Main used methods for the evaluation of dietary intake Institutional role for the aid of the population’s health through the prevention of risks related to nutrition
Prerequisites:  Of great utility, for those students who must attend the course, is
the knowledge of the biochemistry and human nutrition basic
Preparatory instructions:  It is highly recommended having already passed the exam on
Human Nutrition, before attending the course.
Learning materials:  Alimentazione e nutrizione umana - A. Mariani Costantini, C.
Cannella, G. Tomassi - Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, (Roma),
Manuale della ristorazione - S. Ciappellano - Casa Editrice
Ambrosiana, (Milano), 2009 Società Italiana di Nutrizione Umana -
SINU - www.sinu.it
Documents provided by the teacher available on Ariel
Other info:  The final exam will be written and the questions will be designed to
evaluate the learning of different topics listed in the program and
the ability to comment a weekly menu for foodservice prepared in
exercises that take place during the course.
Program of Community Nutrition (pdf version)
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