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Food and Industrial microbiology Mod 2: Industrial Microbiology
Code: G290NB
Teacher:  Manuela Silvia Rollini
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Basic aims:  To provide the basic notions to evaluate the microbiological quality and hygiene in food preparation. To know the main sources of microbial contamination along the production and distribution chain of food; to know the mechanisms of infection and intoxication of the main pathogens microorganisms. Learning of the basic principles of prevention and the use of the microorganisms in foods. Learning experimental protocols for the determination of the main groups and some microbial pathogens in foods. The course is also aimed at giving fundamental notions of the scientific aspects related to the use of microorganisms in industrial fermentations.
Acquired skills:  The student will be able to: know and evaluate the significance of the presence of pathogen, spoilage and markers of quality microorganisms in food; know the role of microorganisms involved in the maturation of foods that undergo fermentation; apply their knowledge in order to prevent, control or use the presence of microorganisms in the production and food distribution; organize and perform microbiological analysis of a food product, read the results; implement experimental protocols for the identification of microorganisms of interest in food through the analysis of the phenotype. The student will be also able to characterize the elements of a large scale microbial fermentation process.
Course contents:  The products of industrial microbiology origin related to the corresponding microbial metabolism. Ingredients, materials and culture media formulations. Bioreactors and control elements related. Microbiological processes to obtain products related to the food area.
Program:  GENERAL SECTION: set-up of biotechnological processes.
Application area of microbial products. Industrial
microbiology products in relation to the microbial
metabolism. Selection of microbial cultures of industrial
interest. Raw ingredients and culture media of industrial
use. Bioreactors and their elements.
APPLIED SECTION: microbial processes of interest in the
food area: baker's yeast, starter cultures, mushrooms,
vinegar, beer, fermented milk.
Prerequisites:  Knowledge of basic microbiology (classification and
microbial physiology) as well as of the main metabolism
Preparatory instructions:  General Microbiology
Learning materials:  Slides present in Ariel web site
Other info:  The exam will be carried out in written form for the first
dates just after the course is finished. The following
exams will be performed in oral form.
Program of Food and Industrial microbiology Mod 2: Industrial Microbiology (pdf version)
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