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Skills of Informatics
Code: G290K-
Teacher:  Giorgio Presti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Basic aims:  To provide basic concepts of Informatics as a discipline, by balancing practical aspects related to the use of computer and theoretical notions concerned with information management and computer networks.
Acquired skills:  Acquisition of basic notions of Informatics as a discipline. Scheme and process of computer networks and web. Use of search engines for information retrieval. Use of spreadsheets for creation and insertion of formulas and graphs. Notions of databases and related tools for information management and storing.
Course contents:  Introduction to Informatics, information encoding, internal computer structure, programs and software. Computer networks and web. Spreadsheets. Information management and databases.
Program:  PART I – Introduction to computer science
G.1. Basic elements
G.2. Information coding
G.3. Computer hardware
G.4. Software and programming
G.5. Computer networks

PART II – Information management and spreadsheets
F.1. Spreadsheets
F.2. Use of functions with Excel
F.3. Statistical functions with Excel
F.4. Creation of graphs with Excel

PART III – Information management and databases
B.1. Information management
B.2. Data storage and databases
B.3. Data models
B.4. Relational databases
B.5. Database creation with Access
B.6. Query composition with Access
B.7. Databases on the Web

PART IV – Internet and the Web
I.1. Internet
I.2. Web architecture
I.3. Web standards
I.4. Html: a markup language for the Web
I.5. Client-side programs and applications
I.6. Search engines
Prerequisites:  Wide manual skills in the use of computers (file and document management, web browsing). Basic notions of mathematics.
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Teaching stuff available on the course website (upon registration in the expected periods).

Suggested book for possible further readings:
S. Castano, A. Ferrara, S. Montanelli. "Informazione, conoscenza e Web per le scienze umanistiche". Pearson, Milano 2009.
Other info:  During the course, multi-choice tests about the entire syllabus are provided to support the student self-evaluation of the acquired skills.
The final examination is written. The examination is composed of multi-choice tests about the entire syllabus.
The exam produces an APPROVED – NOT APPROVED judgment.

Course website: http://islab.di.unimi.it/infagr/
Program of Skills of Informatics (pdf version)
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