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Food technology with elements of packaging - mod.2: food packaging
Code: G290CB
Teacher:  Sara Limbo
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Basic aims:  The course aims to provide usefull tools in testing and evaluating
the performances of a packaging material in contact with foods.
Performances comprise all the chemical-physical properties of a
packaging material that can be related with the food quality and
preservation during shelf life. In addition the course gives an
overview on the main food packaging operations and technologies
usefull to maintain quality and assure safety of a packaged food
during its shelf life.
Acquired skills:  The course provides a set of tools to help the Food Technologist
test and evaluate the performances of a primary packaging
In particular, the final skills concern:
-knowledge about the packaging functions
-ability in carrying out physical and chemical testing on food
packaging materials
-ability in selecting the right packaging solution on the basis of
the food properties
-ability in dimensioning the primary package size.
Course contents:  Content summary:
- Food Packaging functions
- Compliance of a packaging material to italian and european
-Chemical and physical performances of the main food packaging
Program:  1. The packaging functions (protection, convenience,
communication, containment, envinromental, logistic..)
2. Chemical-physical properties of packaging materials (thermal
properties, electromagnetic properties, mechanical properties,
permeability of gas and vapour,
3. Migration and food package interactions. Compliance to EU and
Italian regulations
4. Food packaging materials: glass, aluminum, cellulosic and
plastic materials
Prerequisites:  Info not available
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  For foreign student:
- Material handout
-Slides in Ariel
- Book: Food Packaging Science and Tecnology. Lee, Yam and
Piergiovanni. CRC Press (ENGLISH)
-Piergiovanni, Limbo. 2010. Food packaging. Materiali,
tecnologie e qualitÓ degli alimenti. Ed. Springer (ITALIAN)
Other info:  Written exam will be made together with the PROCESSI
The Packaging examination will consist of:
-5 multiple choice questions AND one open question, based on
class contents.
The votation will be single (PROCESSES+PACKAGING) and both
the Modulus must be of passing grade.
NOVEMBER (I partial)
END OF JANUARY (II partial -only for students that passed the
I partial or I partial)
FEBRUARY (2 CALLS) AND APRIL (last chance for the partial)

The details and the materials are reported on the web page of
the Course in ARIEL platform
Program of Food technology with elements of packaging - mod.2: food packaging (pdf version)
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