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Agricultural machinery
Code: G280M-
Teacher:  Roberto Oberti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Practices in classroom: 1,5
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  Goal of the course is the understanding of the fundamental principle upon which the operation of agricultural tractors, implements and plants normally used in agricultural processes are based.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of the characteristics of modern agricultural tractors and farm machinery used in today agriculture. Criteria for the technical evaluation of their performances and methods for the optimisation of their technical and economic management.
Course contents:  Introduction to mechanization. Basics of physics.
Tractor: functions, types and structure.
Engine. Characteristic curves and operating parameters. Exhaust treatments.
Powertrains and pto. Driving wheels and traction efficiency.
Connection to farm machinery. Operating efficiency. Basics of tractor selection and costs analysis.
Farm machinery classification. Work efficiency.
Soil tillage; minimum tillage
Fertilizer spreaders
Seed drills and planters
Crop protection equipment
Hay and forage equipment, combine-harvester
Basics of equipment selection and costs analysis.
Program:  Fundamental laws of mechanics. Work, energy and power. Efficiency. Diesel engine. Torque-speed and power-speed curves. Exhaust treatments. Types and function of tractors. Frame structure. Power transmission. Tires and traction. Hitching systems. Tractor useful power. Technical management of tractors. Farm machinery. Type, operational characteristics and managing criteria of machinery for: soil tillage, fertiliser distribution, crop planting, crop protection, hay and forage harvesting, grain harvesting. Basics of equipment selection and costs analysis.
Prerequisites:  An appropriate knowledge of basic mechanical and physical principles as well as of main process related to agricultural production
Preparatory instructions:  Mathematics, Physics
Learning materials:  Bodria, Pellizzi, Piccarolo- Meccanica e meccanizzazione agricola (Edagricole)
Fiala - Esercizi di meccanica agraria (Ed. CUSL)
Other info:  The exam has a written and an oral part. The final grade is obtained by the average evaluation of both written and oral parts.
The written part aims at evaluating the knowledge about practical aspects and proper selection of agricultural machinery, It consists of numerical exercises with difficulty and contents similar to those solved in classroom.
Students who pass the grade tests during the lessons have directly access to the oral test.
The oral part consists of a discussion of the theory covered in classroom.
Program of Agricultural machinery (pdf version)
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