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Tree crops
Code: G280H-
Teacher:  Alessio Fini
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4,5
Practices in classroom: 0,5
Other: 1
Basic aims:  Provide the concepts of morphology, ecology, phenology,
physiology, genetics and agronomy of plant trees for basic
knowledge of tree-cropping systems.
Acquired skills:  Biology and ecology of woody plants, agronomy, cropping systems
of trees.
Course contents:  The course aims to provide the knowledge tools for the cultivation
of tree crops. The first part of the course will be devoted to
understanding the biology, morphology and taxonomy of woody
plants with special reference to fruit trees. The main morphological
and physiological aspects related to their cultivation including the
relationship between environmental factors will be treated as well.
The major cultivation techniques will be then surveyed,
propagation principles included.
Program:  CFU I. Fruit tree crops: classification, ecological, historical and economic aspects. The main tree-cropping systems: arboriculture fruit (fruit crops, viticulture, olives, ...), arboriculture and urban forestry. Structural aspects and management.

CFU II. Physiology of development, grow and fruiting. Pruning and canopy management, the training systems. Propagation and nursery organization. The rootstock.

CFU III. Phenology. Soil and climate effects on tree crops: limiting factors and land suitability to fruit crops.

CFU IV. Cultivar and clone, origin and taxonomy, introduction to tree crop breeding. Varietal assortment and lists.

CFU V. Introduction to tree crop ecophysiology. Orchard management: soil, water and nutritional aspects.

CFU VI - Tutorials. Tree structures. Recognition of the main tree species of agroforestry.
Prerequisites:  Agronomy, Biochemistry, Botany
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Handouts: figures, tables and artcicles from journals and

Sansavini S., Costa G., Gucci R., Inglese P., Ramina A., Xiloyannis C.
2012 - Arboricoltura generale. Pātron editore. In particular the
following chapters: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 e 16.
Other info:  Oral examination on the topics delivered during the course.
Program of Tree crops (pdf version)
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