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Agricultural hydraulics
Code: G280B-
Teacher:  Gian Battista Bischetti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The course gives the basic knowledge of hydraulics as well as soil hydrology which is necessary to study and analyse problems dealing with water resources planning and management in agricultural systems
Acquired skills:  The student learns the main concepts of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics in uniform flow conditions, for applications in design and verification of simple hydraulic infrastructure, products and systems.
Moreover the student gains a methodology to study problems dealing with the use of water for irrigation as well as the protection of water resources
Course contents:  The program is concerned with the fundamentals of hydraulics, namely of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics for uniform water flow in pipes under pressure and open channels, as well as the discharge measurements in open channels. The theoretical knowledge is addressed to the applications in design and verification of simple hydraulic infrastructure, products and systems
Furthermore the program includes the fundamentals of soil hydrology, soil water balance in crop land and irrigation scheduling. The characteristics of the main irrigation methods and systems are illustrated
The program includes exercises showing how to apply the theoretical knowledge
Program:  Lectures (5 CFU)
CFU 0.5: The physical properties of water. The main physical quantities in hydraulics and their units of measurement.
CFU 1: Basic concepts and principles of hydrostatics. The instruments to measure pressure
CFU 1: Basic concepts and principles of hydrodynamics. Bernoulli’s theorem and applications. Equation for uniform flow conditions. Uniform water flow in pipes under pressure. Water pumping system. Long pipeline system.
CFU 1: Uniform water flow in open channels. Discharge measurements in open channels. The weirs to measure flow rates.
CFU 0.5: Basic concepts and principles of soil hydrology
CFU 1: Estimate of the crop water requirements. The irrigation scheduling. The principal irrigation methods.

Exercises: 1 CFU
Prerequisites:  Fundamentals of physics, knowledge of the systems of units, trigonometry, and elementary algebra
Preparatory instructions:  none
Learning materials:  - Copy of the PowerPoint presentations used during the lectures, available on Ariel platform
- Lecture notes (available on Ariel platform)
- Reference book for Hydraulics:
Gallati M. e Sibilla S., Fondamenti di idraulica, Carocci editore, 2009, pp. 277, ISBN 9788843051717 (available in the Libraries of Faculty).
- Reference books for Irrigation system and methods:
Merlo C., Acqua, irrigazione e Ambiente. ISBN 978-88-88854-22-9 (available on the Web)
Capra A. e Scivolone B., Progettazione e gestione degli impianti di irrigazione. Editrice Ed agricole (available in the Libraries of Faculty)

Further learning materials to supplement the reference texts, available on Ariel platform or/and Web
Other info:  Before taking the exam is strongly recommended to perform the exercises proposed during the course (also available on the platform Ariel)

The exam consists of a written and an oral examination. The written exam consists ina one/two questions concerning basic skilss (e.g. to solve a simple equation, to convert units of measres, etc.) and one/two exercises similar to those reported in the exercise book available on Ariel platform.
The oral examination consists in a discussion on the topics covered in the course starting from the results of the written exam
Program of Agricultural hydraulics (pdf version)
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