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General and inorganic chemistry
Code: G2806-
Teacher:  Nicola Scotti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The goal of the course is to give the basic concepts for understanding the structure and properties of matter and the manner in which the substances may be transformed.
Acquired skills:  Students can acquire the language and basic knowledge necessary to his basic training which will be applied to advanced courses of chemistry.
Course contents:  The course of General and Inorganic Chemistry will be a set of information expressible in laws. The first part of the course lays the basic foundation for confronting and overcoming two fundamental aspects of General Chemistry that are the theory of the chemical bond and chemical thermodynamics. The second part of the course deals with the study of chemical reactions, their feasibility. Each topic is supplemented with a number of exercises that illustrate the validity of the concepts presented. The third part will cover the chemistry of the elements with particular attention to those that are essential to plant and animal life. At the end the student will acquire a critical attitude towards the matter that will put you in a position to deal with: i) topics not covered in class ii) other chemical character vocational courses
Program:  Scope and vocabulary of chemistry
Atoms and molecules
Chemical equations and stoichiometry
Energy, heat, and chemical change
The gaseous state
Particles, waves, and structure of atoms
Electron configuration and periodic properties
The chemical bonds
Further consideration on bonding
Liquids, and solids
Chemical kinetics
Acid and bases
Ionic Equilibrium: acids and bases
Solubility and complex-ion equilibria
Oxidation-reduction reactions
Molecule of life
The main Group elements
Prerequisites:  Being a basic course there are no prerequisites except the knowledge acquired in high school
Preparatory instructions:  No prerequisite needed
Learning materials:  Chimica Generale Inorganica
M. Speranza
Casa editrice edi-ermes
Chimica Generale Principi e Applicazioni Moderne Petrucci Casa editrice Piccin
Stechiometria I. Bertini, C. Luchinat, F. Mani Casa Editrice CEA
Tavola Periodica
Other info:  Write and oral examination regarding the basic chemical concepts
Program of General and inorganic chemistry (pdf version)
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