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Agricultural Botany
Code: G2804C
Teacher:  Marcello Iriti
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 8
Basic aims:  The course aims at improving the knowledge on plant
organisms, from prokaryotic cyanobacteria to
angiosperms, with emphasis on spermatophyte families
and species of agronomic, food and medicinal relevance.
Furthermore, the course deals with basic zoology,
focusing on the body plain (bauplan) of the more relevant
Acquired skills:  Basic knowledge on plant and animal biology needed for
the next studies in the field of agricultural sciences.
Course contents:  Programme of Didactic Unit 1: Agricultural Botany

The plant cell: structure and organization. Primary
meristems and tissues. Root, stem and leaf. Secondary
meristems and growth. The flower and reproduction in
angiosperms. Seeds and fruits. Systematic botany.
Taxonomy and phylogenesis. Cyanobacteria, algae,
bryophytes, pteridophytes, fungi and lichens,
gymnosperms, and monocotyledonous and
Program:  Programme of Didactic Unit 1: Agricultural Botany

Biomacromolecules: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and
nucleic acids. Structure and functions of
Cytology. Prokaryotic end eukaryotic cells. Animal and
plant cells. plant cell structures: cell wall, vacuole and
plastids. DNA replication and gene transcription. mRNA
translation and protein biosynthesis. Cell cycle, mitosis
and meiosis.
Plant biochemistry. Photosynthesis and respiration.
Plant histology and anatomy. Plant tissues. Meristematic
tissues. Dermal tissue system: epidermis and periderm.
Ground tissue system: parenchyma tissue, collenchyma
tissue and sclerenchyma tissue. Vascular tissue system:
xylem tissue and phloem tissue.
The plant body. Primary growth. Structure and
organization of stem. Structure and organization of root.
Structure and organization of leaf. Secondary growth.
Structure of woody stems.
Flower anatomy and reproduction. Seed morphology and
Systematic botany. General characteristics and main taxa
of Cyanobacteria. General characteristics and main taxa
of Algae. General characteristics and main taxa of
Bryophyta. General characteristics and main taxa of
Pteridophyta. Spermatophytes. General characteristics
and main taxa of Gymnosperms. General characteristics
and main families of flowering plants. Angiosperms.
Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons. General characteristics
and main taxa of Fungi.
Prerequisites:  A basic knowledge on general chemistry and biology is
Preparatory instructions:  No course is preparatory.
Learning materials:  Raven et al., Biology of Plants.
Smith et al., Plant Biology, Garland Science.
Campbell, Element of Structural and Systematic Botany.
Other info:  The final examination will consist in a written examination,
which will open the possibility to sustain an oral
examination. Both written and oral exams are needed for
final grade.
The professor is available for any information.
Program of Agricultural Botany (pdf version)
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