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Agricultural machines and mechanization
Code: G271N-
Teacher:  Marco Fiala
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Practices in classroom: 2
Basic aims:  The student will know the basic aspects of Agricultural Machines starting from the internal combustion engines functioning, to the tractor structure and functions and the basic criteria to optimize the coupling between tractors and machines. Successively, they will know the classification and the technical characteristics of the main agricultural machines as well as the criteria for their selection and rational use.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of the tractor characteristics, its functioning and optimization of machines coupling; knowledge of the technical and operational characteristics concerning the main agricultural machines.
Course contents:  The Course, in the first "General Part", concerns basically the i.c. engines description and functioning as well as the power transmission. After that, in the part specifically focused on "Tractor" - ag-machine for power production - the main arguments are related to its structure, equipped devices and systems, implements and tools coupling, working aspects and the basic criteria for its choice in order to maximise the efficiency.
Finally in the third part, the technical and operational characteristics of the most important and common "Machines" (soil tillage, seedbed preparation and seeders, mineral and organic fertilization, spraying plant protection products, grove and vineyard operations, grain crop harvesting, root or tuber harvesting, haymaking and forage harvesting; vegetable harvesting, fruit harvesting) are described in detail as well as the elements for a good choice in order to maximise work efficiency and quality.
Program:  GENERAL ISSUES - Soil characteristics; Force, Mechanical Energy, Power, Efficiency; Endothermic engines (Diesel and Otto cicles): characteristics values and parameters of engines; Fuelling, lubrication and cooling systems; Calculation of power and characteristic engine's curves; Transmission ratio and components.
TRACTOR - Power transmission; Propulsive and supporting elements, Grip and resistance to forward movement; Towing hitches and weight bearing hitches; Dynamic engine power balance; Operational selection criteria.
AG-MACHINES 1 - Soil tillage machines; Seedbed preparation machines and seeders; Machines for mineral and organic fertilization; Machines for chemicals distribution; Machinery costs evaluation.
AG-MACHINES 2 - Equipment and machines for grove and vineyard operations; Grain crop harvesting machines; Root or tuber harvesting machines; Haymaking and forage harvesting machines; Vegetable harvesting machines; Fruit harvesting equipment and machines; Machines for harvesting fruit from the ground (olives, hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts); Machines for harvesting hanging fruit (olives, fruit for industrial processing). Machines for lawn realization and maintenace; cut and pruning for ornamental plants.
Prerequisites:  Knowledge about agricultural machinery and mechanization are useful for students interested to the course.
Preparatory instructions:  Previous recomended exminations: Mathematics, Physics.
Learning materials:  The materials (presentations) utilized during the lessons and practices (exercises) are directly downloading (.pdf format) from Unimi-ARIEL 2.0 website (http://ariel.unimi.it/User/Default.aspx).
Other info:  The exam is oral, including also some calculations. During the lessons several calculation exercises concerning practical problems (Tractors&Ag-Machines) are worked out.
Program of Agricultural machines and mechanization (pdf version)
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