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Applied ecology of arthropods and fungi
Code: G271LA
Teacher:  Daria Patrizia Locatelli
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Basic aims:  To provide basic knowledge about the biology and ecology of arthropods and fungi propaedeutic to the disciplines of defense and, in particular, regarding the influence of abiotic and biotic factors on the biology of arthropods and fungi, their relationships with other organisms and strategies of self-preservation, the relationships and interactions in agroecosystems.
Acquired skills:  The student will acquire useful knowledge to understand and evaluate the response of arthropods and fungi under varying environmental and ecological conditions, in order to better understand the criteria on which the management of plant protection is based.
Course contents:  As for the entomological part they will be taken into consideration the different types of interactions that are established between arthropods and the plants and animals . They will be considered trophic interactions , such as predation , parasitism and mutualism that influence decisively the complex balances that regulate the functioning of ecosystems.
Program:  As for the entomological part the following topics will be treated :
Abiotic factors: light, heat , water, environment.
Phytophage , micetophage , zoophage.
Biotic factors: relations with other animal , communication, parental care, aggregations, territoriality, commensalism , symbiosis , predation and parasitism .
Preservation resources: longevity, biological rhythms, mobility.
Population dynamics: biotic potential and environmental resistance.
Types of damage of arthropods in the agricultural environment.
Prerequisites:  No
Preparatory instructions:  No
Learning materials:  Teaching notes and documentation distributed during class
Other info:  The oral examination consists of an interview on the topics covered in the course and reported in the test program, which aims to ensure the achievement of the objectives of teaching
Program of Applied ecology of arthropods and fungi (pdf version)
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