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Essentials of economics
Code: G271C-
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  Essentials of economics and first knowledge of agriculture and
agribusiness by applied instances.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of economic language, method and basics;
understanding of articles, essays and debate about economic
themes (growth, National Debt, prices, etc.)
Course contents:  From the essentials of microeconomics (market. demand, supply, elasticity, production function, costs-revenues-profits, market structures, etc.) to the essentials of macroeconomics (National Income, economic cycle, macroeconomics objectives, monetary and fiscal policies, international trade, etc.).
Program:  1. Markets, Demand and Supply 2. Markets in Action 3. The Supply Decision 4. Market Structures 5. Market Failures and Government Policy 6. The National Economy 7. Money and Interest Rates 8. Unemployment, Inflation and Growth 9. Macroeconomic Policy 10. International Trade 11. Balance of Payments & Exchange Rates.
Prerequisites:  No need
Preparatory instructions:  No
Learning materials:  Sloman J.-Garratt D., Elementi di economia, Il Mulino. Slides Other facultative books: Campiglio L., Tredici idee per ragionare di economia, Il Mulino Cipolla C.M., Storia facile dell'economia italiana dal Medioevo a oggi, Mondadori
Other info:  A) Final test: a questionnaire with closed and open answers. B) A short oral exam
Program of Essentials of economics (pdf version)
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