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Code: G260SB
Teacher:  Alessandro Nicoloso
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  To provide basic knowledge in forest ecology and silviculture.
Acquired skills:  Acquisition of the ecological and technical principles of forest management. Cooperation ability with experts in the forest and environmental sector.
Course contents:  The forest ecosystem: definition and generalities. Relationships between forest and the main ecological factors. Natural dynamics in forest ecosystems. Definition and objectives of silviculture. Forest regeneration methods. Thinning and conversion methods.
Program:  The forest ecosystem: definition, biotic and abiotic components, gross and net production, energy and matter fluxes. · Relationships between forest ecosystem and the main ecological factors: precipitations, light, wind and fire. · Natural dynamics in forest ecosystems. · The forest structure. · Relationships between forest vegetation and climate; the vegetation zones · The silviculture: definition, objectives, near-to-nature and sustainable silviculture. · Regeneration methods: coppice forest, high forest, coppice with standard. · Clearcut, shelterwood system, uneven aged method. · Thinning methods · Conversion methods: conversion from coppice to high forest. · Man-induced modifications in forest ecosystems: quantitative and qualitative aspects . Outline on the main forest types in the Northern Italy
Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge on general botany and vegetation ecology
are required.
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Textbooks of forest ecology and silviculture (in English)

Kimmins J.P. 2004 – Forest Ecology. Prentice Hall, Inc.,
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Nyland, R.D. 2002 -

Silviculture. Concepts and Applications. McGraw-Hill, New
Other info:  Examination consists in a oral test conducted on the
subjects included in the program of the course. The oral
test is addressed to verify the knowledge of concepts
explained and discussed during the lessons.
For any question, please contact prof. G. Minotta at the
following E-mail address: alessandro.nicoloso@unimi.it
Program of Silviculture (pdf version)
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