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Agroecology and cropping systems - teaching unit 1
Code: G260RA
Teacher:  Gabriele Cola
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  The corse is aimed at providing fundamental knowledge about
management of agro-ecosystems. The first part is focused in
particular on the analysis and the interpretation of the systems
and on interaction between climatic driving forces and agro-
ecosystem. Te scond part provides the concepts of genetics,
phenology, morphology, physiology, agronomy and plant trees
basic knowledge of tree-cropping systems.
Acquired skills:  Students can get competences needed for understanding and
interpreting the ecological mechanisms ruling crop production
processes and their interactions with the management
activities of
the farmer. Moreover, students will get competnces in biology
ecology of woody plants, agronomy, cropping systems of trees.
Course contents:  MAIN TOPICS
Agroecology and agroecosystems.
The climate system.
Climatology and meteorology.
The atmospheric driving variables for agroecosystems and
their relations with plants.
Modelling tools for agrometeoorlogical analysis.
Analysis of agroecosystems.
Program:  Agroecology:
- Definitions
- Aims
- Methods of analysis of agroecosystems

The climatic system:
- The determinants of Climate, grenhouse effect and general
- Climat classifications
- Wether forecast at different temporal scale and their use in

The atmospheric driving variables for agroecosystems:
- Environmental resources and limitations for plant growt
- Modelling tools for the evaluation of thermal and water
resources and limitations
- Net Primary Production modelling

Agronomical practices for protection, defense and adaptation

Agricultural zoning as example of agroecosystem analysis
Prerequisites:  Adequate background is needed in mathematics, physiscs,
chemistry and statistics and it may derive from previous
classes of the same degree course.
Preparatory instructions:  Though propedeuticites are not strictly required, students are
kindly advised to take first year examinations before attending
the course.
Learning materials:  Lessons presentations and exercises.
“Agrometeorologia” by Luigi Mariani.
All the files will be uploaded on the Ariel Teacher's webpage, as
soon as possible.
Currently, the files are uploaded at:
Other info:  Writte test at the end ot che course
The test is divided into:
- 3 numerical exercises to evaluate the candidate ability to
evaluate environmental resources and limitations and to
exstimate crop productions with a simplified Net Primary
Production model
- 3 open questions to evaluate candidate knowledge of the
content of the lessons on the whole course program
Program of Agroecology and cropping systems - teaching unit 1 (pdf version)
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