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Biology - teaching unit 2: Animal Biology
Code: G260ID
Teacher:  Maria Giovanna Leonardi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  Aims:
to show how the form, function and behaviour of animals
become adapted to the environment through evolution;
to prepare students for the courses that require
knowledge of animal biology at the systems and
organismal levels.
Acquired skills:  At the end of the course students should:
have developed knowledge of the major ideas in cell
biology, animal biology and developmental biology;

be able to assess the scope of animal biology and be
able to select particular areas for further study;
Course contents:  This program addresses three general questions about
animals: 1) How do they work (form, function, behavior,
physiology, ecology)? 2) How do they develop (gene
expression, cell biology, embryology morphogenesis)?
and 3) How do they evolve (genetics, diversity,
Program:  Preliminary knowledge to the understanding in animal
Basic knowledge about the structure of the animals, body
architecture (=Bauplane), morphology of the different
Elements of biology of the animals living in different
environments. Reproductive strategies. Adaptations to
different environmental factors (temperature, oxygen,
salinity, et c.). Interactions between organisms:
competition, predation, parasitism.
Principles of zoological nomenclature, criteria of
classification and the identification of the organisms.
Techniques of harvest and maintenance of the animals
with sampling in the field.
Recognition of the organisms in the field and in the
laboratory with the use of dichotomous keys.
Investigations in laboratory on the fauna of inland waters.
Prerequisites:  Cell biology, chemistry and physics (basic knowledge) are
prerequisite to all Biology courses
Preparatory instructions:  nothing
Learning materials:  Solomon, Berg, Martin. Biologia-Struttura e processi vitali
negli animali. EdiSES 2006 Purves, Sadava, Orians,
Heller. Biologia-La biologia degli animali. Zanichelli 2001
Dorit, Walker, Barnes. Zoologia. Zanichelli. 1997.
Hickman, Roberts, Larson, L’anson. Fondamenti di
Zoologia McGraw-Hill 2005
Other info:  Esame orale, colloquio sugli argomenti svolti a lezione
Program of Biology - teaching unit 2: Animal Biology (pdf version)
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