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Code: G2606B
Teacher:  Gianluca Galassi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 2,5
Practices in classroom: 0,5
Basic aims:  Clarifying the role of livestock systems in the context of
agricultural systems. Define the types of farming for sustainable
livestock farming. Link the traditional knowledge of livestock with
the new requirements of rural development.
Acquired skills:  Knowledge on farming techniques in addition to the husbandry
skills acquired Knowledge of the relationships between livestock
activities and agro-ecological systems approach to spatial analysis
aimed at achieving economic.
Course contents:  Definition and characterization of livestock systems with particular
regard to those of ruminants in extensive or semi-extensive.
General problems of extensive livestock systems and approach to
the analysis of sustainability. Role of livestock systems in the
exploitation of land resources. Breeds of cattle, pigs, goats reared
and signs of genetic improvement. The typical production in
extensive or semi-extensive livestock systems
Program:  The course aims to give to the students knowledge on
farming, feeding and reproduction techniques of farm
animals mainly in extensive systems with particular
focus on the environmental impact of the farm and the
enhancement of animal resources and products.
Alpine husbandry systems: breeds of cattle and goats,
pasture management, nutritional value of the pasture,
supplementation on pasture, typical products, farming in
the valley. Environmental impact of dairy cattle farm in an
alpine husbandry system in comparison with an intensive
system in the plain. Production efficiency of the two
systems. Techniques of breeding and feeding of beef cattle:
breeds; breeding sysytems. Environmental impact of beef
cattle farm in different systems. Pointers and sustainability indices
in farming systems. Introduction to LCA and animal
Prerequisites:  The knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology is
Preparatory instructions:  Zootecnical system. Module 1. Animal production
Learning materials:  Materials provided during the course.
Ariel website
Other info:  Oral exam to evaluate the knowledge gained.
Program of ANIMAL HUSBANDRY (pdf version)
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