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Economics and Business Management
Code: G2510B
Teacher:  Stefano Corsi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  Unit 1: Provide students with the basic knowledge of the structure and functioning of key institutional actors and decision-making process that determines the policies of the wine sector. Provide the essentials of wine legislation regarding the production potential, market mechanisms, the protection of designations of origin and the Common Market Organization for Wine Products and the recent Law 238/2016 on the Organic Disposal of Vine Growing and Production. Knowledge of the rules for labeling wines.
Unit 2: The aim of the course is to introduce students to basic concepts of business administration, business plan and investments with a focus on the wine global value chain.
Acquired skills:  Unit 1: The student will acquire a knowledge of the main content of Community legislation and national organizations relating to production potential, market mechanisms, the regulation of protection of designation of origin and the implementation of the reform of the wine should also be able to update these notions, the changing legislative framework, using institutional sources and legislative databases. Ability to prepare a wine label.
Unit 2: The main skills acquired are: in-depth knowledge of the wine market, ability to understand a balance sheet of a wine business, technical knowledge of economic business management.
Course contents:  -Analysis of segments of the Foodservice. -Administration and management.
-The accounts as a management tool. The general accounts: corporate information system, accounting records, systems and methods, the chart of accounts. The budget: the rules of writing. Types and objectives of the budget. Cost accounting and production costs. The company's choices.
Program:  - Introduction to business economics
- The General Accounting
- The balance sheet
- The business plan
- Competitiveness, Innovation and Business Strategies
Prerequisites:  Knowledge of economic language, method and basic: understanding of articles, essay and debate about economic themes (growth, price, etc.)
Preparatory instructions:  Essentials of economics and statistics
Learning materials:  -Vitale A., Ferrazzi G., Mendolia F., Manuale di economia, gestione e legislazione delle imprese di ristorazione, ed. Franco Angeli

- Airoldi G., Brunetti G., Coda V., Corso di Economia Aziendale, ed il Mulino
- Favotto F., Economia aziendale, modelli, misure, casi, McGraw-Hill, Milano
- Fontana F., Caroli M., Economia e gestione delle imprese, ed. McGraw-Hill
Other info:  The oral examination includes:
-an exercise on the company financial statements
- The answer to theoretical questions
Program of Economics and Business Management (pdf version)
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