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Enology 1
Code: G250VB
Teacher:  Antonio Giovanni Tirelli
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  Unit 1: To know the main unit operations used in Oenology
technologies in terms of phenomenology, balance of matter and
energy and kinetic energy. Knowing the specific language,
relationships and mathematical models useful for solving
numerical problems for the control of operations.
Unit 2: Knowledge of grape structure, tissues and composition.
Understand the vinification conditions suitable to the grape
composition and their effect on the wine properties. Learning the
wine making path from grape to young wine as well as the
chemical, microbial and technological factors affecting it.
Acquired skills:  Unit 1: Improvement of the ability to calculate and solve problems
in the unit operations treated. Schematization of the main
machines used in the industry and of the operating conditions of
the treatments. Acquisition of linguistic and technical terms.
Unit 2: Being able to assess suitable conditions for grape must
extraction based on the grape characteristics, available technology
and sensory properties of wine to be produce. Student will be able
to manage the fermentation yeast as well as the vinification
Course contents:  Techniques of red wine making. Special macerations e special
wines. Wine ageing and stabilization. Wine packaging.
Program:  Structure and chemical composition of grape berry. Sugars, acids,
inorganic cations, polyphenols and polysaccarides of grape:
characteristics, qualitative and quantitative issues and their
evolution during grape ripening.
Effects of harvesting conditions on wine properties. Grape must
corrections. Managing of alcoholic fermentation: roles of
temperature, ethanol, oxygen and assimilable nitrogen.
Technology of vinification: tanks, maceration techniques, use of
pomaces. Racking and press wine. White wine making: specific
steps, grape pressing, clarification.
Prerequisites:  Info not available
Preparatory instructions:  Wine chemistry and fermentations, Physics, Mathematics.
Learning materials:  Handbook of Oenology. Vol. 1 & 2
Ribereau-Gayon P.; Glories Y.; Maujean A.; Dubourdieu D.

Online prints the course website
Other info:  Written calculation followed by oral examination
Program of Enology 1 (pdf version)
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