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Biology and genetics of grapevines - teaching unit 1: physiology
Code: G250TA
Teacher:  Osvaldo Failla
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4,5
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  Unit 1: To give the specific knowledge of biology and physiology of the vine on the basis of those acquired during the courses of general biology and agronomy and preparatory course of growing techniques in viticulture.
Unit 2: To provide students with some knowledge of both theoretical and practical preparatory course of growing techniques in viticulture and enology.
Acquired skills:  Unit 1: Analytical knowledge of organography, phenology, physiology and ecophysiology of the vine to address basic study of viticulture.
Unit 2: Knowledge about the origin of the grown grapes, methods for their recognition, techniques for improvement of their quality and performance through clonal selection and crossing and how to address the varietal choices depending on soil and climatic conditions.
Course contents:  Ecology and organography of the grapevines. Morphology and Physiology of growth and development. The balance of photosynthesis, water and nutrients. The physiology of fruiting and ripening.
Program:  The life cycle and the annual cycle of the vine. Anatomy and morphology of the vine, Physiology of root growth, vegetative and reproductive apparatus. Growth rates and activity. The correlative relationship.

Physiology of development and fruiting. Differentiation and development of the buds. From bud differentiation to berry set.

Ecophysiology of the carbon balance, photosynthesis and distribution of photosinthates. The water and the nutrient balance. Nutritional disorders.

Physiology of development and ripening. From the set to the veraison, the maturation curve, the accumulation of sugar, acid metabolism, nitrogenous, polyphenols and aromatic substances.
Prerequisites:  Adequate knowledge of botany, biochemistry and plant
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  AA.VV. 2007 La vite e il vino. Art Servizi Editoriali,
Bologna. pp. 624
Other info:  Oral examination
Program of Biology and genetics of grapevines - teaching unit 1: physiology (pdf version)
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