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Code: G250R-
Teacher:  Roberto Confalonieri
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 5
Practices in classroom: 0,5
Other: 0,5
Basic aims:  The course refers to an applied discipline that is concerned with
the factors that affect crop production and the techniques for their
adjustment to achieve the highest or most convenient production
in the logic of preserving fertility and environmental protection.
Acquired skills:  The student must acquire a body of quantitative knowledge (i.e.
based on algorithms) in relation to physical and biological aspects
of agro - ecosystem. In particular, the student must acquire the
ability to assess and manage the environment (weather, climate,
soil) and agronomic techniques.
Course contents:  The program includes concepts related with ecology and
agroecology, atmosphere, importance of weather variables and
techniques for their measure, soil, irrigation, fertilization, plowing,
sowing and weed control, and cropping systems.
Program:  The program includes:
- concepts of ecology and agroecology,
- physics and chemistry of the atmosphere,
- importance of weather variables, agrometeorology, radiation,
temperature, rainfall, evapotranspiration, techniques for their
- soil (properties, idrology),
- irrigation (different techniques, suitability for different contexts),
- fertilization (general concepts, macroelements, products,
diagnostic tools, development of maps for variable rate
- plowing,
- sowing and weed control,
- cropping systems.
Prerequisites:  -
Preparatory instructions:  -
Learning materials:  Slides at:
optional: Fondamenti di agronomia generale (Bonciarelli)
Other info:  The examination is composed of a written test and of a possible
oral test.
- The written test consists of (i) 3 questions [0-7 points each]; (ii)
10 quiz [0-1 points each]; the maximum score for this part is
31/30 (30 cum laude).
- The oral test (in case requested by the student or by the
teacher) consists of 3 questions [from -2 to +2 points each, to be
added to the score achieved in the written test].
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