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Essentials of economics
Code: G240V-
Teacher:  Giovanni Ferrazzi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 6
Basic aims:  The aim of the course is to introduce students to basic concepts of economic analysis, ie the study of the determinants of economic decisions of individuals and organizations, and a first knowledge of agricolture and agribusiness by applied instances
Acquired skills:  Knowledge of economic language, method and basic: understanding of articles, essay and debate about economic themes (growth, price, etc.)
Knowledge and use of the main tools for economic assessment
Course contents:  The course is following a path that, starting from basic microeconomic concepts (market, demand, supply, elasticity, production function, cost-benefit-profits, market forms) arrives to address the basic issues of business economics: administration and management ( general accounts, corporate information system, etc. )
Program:  1. Markets, demand and supply
2. Markets in action
3. Supply decision
4. Market structures
5. Market failures and government policy
6. Essential of business administration
7. Evaluation and investment planning
Prerequisites:  No needs
Preparatory instructions:  No
Learning materials:  -Sloman J., Elementi di economia, Il Mulino
-Vitale A., Ferrazzi G., Mendolia F., Manuale di economia, gestione e legislazione delle imprese di ristorazione, ed. Franco Angeli
-Airoldi G., Brunetti G., Coda V., Corso di Economia Aziendale, ed il Mulino
-Favotto F., Economia aziendale, modelli, misure, casi, McGraw-Hill, Milano
-Fontana F., Caroli M., Economia e gestione delle imprese, ed. McGraw-Hill
-Material provided by the teacher available at: http://users.unimi.it/ferrazzi
Other info:  There is a written final examination; the test is composed of questions open-ended and closed-ended . The examination concludes with a brief interview with the teacher
Program of Essentials of economics (pdf version)
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