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Mathematics and Statistics - section 2
Code: G240UB
Teacher:  Dario Fontana
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Basic aims:  - Knowledge of descriptive statistics;
- Position and variability indices
- Acquisition of the principles and the techniques of regression
and correlation between variables
- Knowledge of inferential statistics
Acquired skills:  - Describe phenomena using main statistical indicators
- Plan sampling surveys
- Using the one and two-ways analysis of variance
- Objective assessment of statistical surveys results
Course contents:  - CFU 1 - Definition of statistical variables, graphical
representations, position and variability indices,
- CFU 2 statistical variables with two dimensions, dependence and
correlation. Linear and non-linear interpolation;
- CFU 3 - Probability, random variables, sampling, and point
estimators. The Gaussian distribution.
- CFU 4 - confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
Program:  1 - Statistic language;
2 - Organization and graphical representations of the data;
3 - data descriptors: measures of central tendency (mean, median
and mode), measures of dispersion and variation;
4 - bivariate analysis with qualitative and quantitative data;
5 - Analysis of the dependence between two statistical variables.
Correlation and interpolation (linear and not linear)
6 - Probability;
7 - Random variables and distribution of probability. The Normal
8 - Sampling distributions and point estimation. Desirable
properties of point estimators. Distribution of sample mean.
Central Limit Theorem. Confidence intervals for mean.
9 - Fundamentals on Hypothesis testing;
10 - Test on a single population. Hypothesis test on mean.
Hypothesis test on proportion.
11 - Comparing two population. Hypothesis test on the difference
between means of two populations (with paired and non-paired
Prerequisites:  Student should be familiar with mathematics.
Preparatory instructions:  Mathematics.
Learning materials:  Lezioni di Statistica Descrittiva, Michele Zenga, ed. Giappichelli,
Elementi di Inferenza statistica, Michele Zenga, ed Vita &
Pensiero, 2009.
Inferenza Statistica, Michele Zenga, ed Giappichelli,1996.

Appunti del corso messi a disposizione dal docente.
Introduzione alla Statistica, di M.K. Pelosi e T.M. Sandifer, ed.
McGraw-Hill, 2009.
Other info:  We require a written examination divided in 2 parts:
1) theoretical open questions
2) exercises (by using excell software)
Program of Mathematics and Statistics - section 2 (pdf version)
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