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Animal Production
Code: G240J-
Teacher:  Alberto Tamburini
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4
Practices in classroom: 2
Basic aims:  The aim of the course is to provide the student with basic knowledge of management, feeding and reproduction techniques of dairy and beef cattle, particularly in mountain farms.
Acquired skills:  Management, breeding and feeding techniques of dairy and beef cattle with specific focus on issues of mountain areas
Course contents:  Animal production in Italy and Europe; issues of alpine areas. Elements of Animal genetics and selection of dairy and beef breeds. Elements of animal nutrition (digestive system of ruminants, animal feed and feeding). Dairy cattle production: dairy cattle husbandry and feeding techniques and their effect on milk quality. Beef cattle production.
Program:  The aim of the course is to provide the basic knowledge about husbandry, breeding and feeding techniques of dairy and beef cattle with a specific focus on the issues of alpine areas. The course will give the skills to understand and assess the main issues of animal food quality and the relationships between productive factors and final products. Main topics: - Statistics, economics and regulations: animal production in Italy and Europe; main issues of the alpine area; IGP and DOP products; notices of laws and regulations on animal production and animal food. Elements of animal genetics: principles in cattle selection, genealogy books, dairy and beef cattle breeds. Elements of nutrition of domestic animals: digestion physiology of ruminants, animal feeds and their evaluation. Milk production: factors affecting yield and quality of milk and milk products (genetics, feeding and environment). Dairy herd management and feeding. Laws and regulations on milk production. Fertility and reproductive traits. Beef cattle production: carcass evaluation; beef cattle breeds; factors affecting meat production and quality. Relationships between breed, rearing techniques and quality of meat and meat products. Laws and regulations on meat production
Prerequisites:  Basic knowledge of biology and chemistry
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Notes of the course lessons. Sildes, articles and links from
the on line course "Produzioni Zootecniche"
Video-audio recorded lessons available on Ariel.
Suggested book:
Giussani, Il latte di qualitÓ, Edagricole
Other info:  The final examination is a written test with 4 open-ended
questions on the topics covered in class. The responses
will be evaluated on the basis of science, logic and display
the information as shown, with grades from 0 to 30 with
honors. The final grade will be the average of the 4 partial
Evaluation of online activity (Ariel) will be done.
Program of Animal Production (pdf version)
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