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Principles of applied computer science
Code: G240I-
Teacher:  Alessandro Iannella
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 3
Basic aims:  To provide students with the first concepts of this discipline, balancing the
practical and theoretical aspects, respectively related to the use of computer
and to the information management.
Acquired skills:  Principles of computer science integrated to outline of information systems
applied in agricultural and / or agri-food contexts. Use of software for digital
data managing, processing and storage.
Course contents:  Introduction to data processing and its related technologies. Information
encoding and memories management. The hardware of the computer. The
operating system and its components. Intranet and Internet Networks.
Application software: the spreadsheet. Outline of databases and programming
language (Visual Basic for Applications).
Program:  Introduction to data processing and its related technologies. Concepts of data and information. The decision-making business. Information systems. Information encoding and memories management: decimal, hexadecimal, binary notation. The conversion between notation systems. Fixed and mobile comma. The coding of texts: the ASCII format. Images format (raster and vector). The coding of sounds. The architecture of the computer. The microprocessor. Primary and secondary memory. Input and output peripherals. Classification of operating systems. Components of a generic operating system with graphical interface. Work on the operating system MS Windows XP «. Networks classification. Protocols of transmission. Internet and its rules (TCP / IP, IP address, DNS). The spreadsheet: MS Excel « general description and basic concepts including practical examples and outline of programming language Visual Basic for Applications.
Prerequisites:  Calculation aptitude in order to set up and solve quantitatively problems and conversions among notation systems. Elements of mathematics.
Preparatory instructions:  None
Learning materials:  Educational materials: - Slides of the lessons available on web site Reccomended books: - Boni M. (2005) - Informatica - Terza Edizione, APOGEO
Other info:  The examination consists in a multiple choice test. The result is expressed as "Approved"

Other informations at the web site of the course: http://ariel.ctu.unimi.it
Program of Principles of applied computer science (pdf version)
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