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Code: G240A-
Teacher:  Mario Guido Lieta
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 4,5
Practices in classroom: 1,5
Basic aims:  The aim of the module is to give the basic knowledge of physics that is necessary for the study of the professional disciplines of agricultural sciences.
Acquired skills:  The student gains the ability to formulate and solve simple problems of applied physics.
Course contents:  The course covers the following topics: fundamentals of mechanics, electrology, thermology and thermodynamics, and shows their implications in the disciplines of the agricultural science curricula.
Program:  Course organization

The Physics course is organized in two half courses:

First half-course: Mechanics
Second half-course: Thermal Physics and Electromagnetism

Detailed Contents / Program

Mechanics – Detailed Contents

Introduction to Physics: Systems of Units - SI System - Customary/British Units - Scientific Notation - Converting units - Scalar and Vectors
One- dimensional Kinematics
Two-dimensional Kinematics - Projectile motion
Dynamics – Newton’s laws of Motion
Application of Newton’s laws: Weight – Normal Forces – Frictional Forces – Strings and Springs – Pulley – Tilts
Translational Equilibrium
Work and Kinetic Energy
Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy.

Thermal Physics – Detailed Content

Temperature and Heat
Phases and Phases change
The laws of thermodynamics.

Electromagnetism – Detailed Content

Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields
Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy
Capacitors, Resistors and Electric current
Magnetic Flux and Law of Induction
Electromagnetic Wave.
Prerequisites:  The student must have a good knowledge of basic mathematics.
Preparatory instructions:  Mathematics (recommended)
Learning materials:  Recorded lection notes
Book Walker (Pearson Ed.)
Other info:  One written examination devided in two parts (2 hours each)
Admission to oral examination when both written result are almost 16/30.
Final examination is oral.
Program of Physics (pdf version)
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