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Rural buildings and Forest Territory - Mod. 1
Code: G2407-
Teacher:  Alberto Finzi
CFU subdivision: Lectures: 7
Practices in classroom: 1
Basic aims:  Educational aims
To understand the general criteria of functional and management design of buildings and structures suitables for mountain areas taking into account the limits introduced by the new Professional Register; the instruments for building environmentally friendly and sustainable structures; design of technical installations;
Acquired skills:  Intended skills acquired
Students successfully completing the program will be able to :
understand the functional role of a building in the mountain area;
interprete the way of its use and to prepare recovery plans;
design technical installations (milking and ventilation);
participate to multidisciplinary design teams.
implement health and safety regulations for animal husbandry.
Course contents:  Course content
Professional Register requests; the role of farm buildings as an infrastructure, static and functional design, building materials; loads acting on structures; heath trasmission; insulating materials; calls of psichrometry and an the use of psichrometric chart; ventilation of rural buildings; structures and installations for animal rearing and for manure management; farm buildings and landscape; calls of the regulations on health and safety in animal husbandry.
Program:  Building materials: stone, wood, mortar, cement, concrete and new materials
Rural buildings: elements (foundations, walls, floors and roofs) environmental factors (temperature, humidity, thermal insulation, ventilation and heating), farm organization (functions and sizing)
Mountain rural buildings
Rural roads and retaining walls
Topographic and design elements
CAD practice: tools for designing and editing, his blocks, patterns and layers, layout and printing
Prerequisites:  Info not available
Preparatory instructions:  Info not available
Learning materials:  Books to read:
- AA.VV. (1997) – Manuale di Agricoltura - Hoepli,
Milano (chapter on “Costruzioni rurali”) –
- Lecture notes provided by the lecturer
– Abstracts from various sources provided by the lecturer
Other info:  CAD exercise and final oral examination (with mod. 2)
Program of Rural buildings and Forest Territory - Mod. 1 (pdf version)
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